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Wellio opens its 5th site at the heart of the Cité Numérique in Bordeaux

Wellio, a unique pro-working offer in Europe launched by Covivio in November 2017, is today opening its 5th location in France. After Marseille and Paris (Gare de Lyon, Miromesnil and Montmartre), Wellio is opening in Bordeaux’s Cité Numérique. Today, the network has more than 15,000 m² of space, i.e. over 1,400 workstations and services.


Pro-working settles in the Bordeaux Metropolis

It’s official, the 5th Wellio pro-working space has just opened for business in the heart of the Cité Numérique, the digital bridgehead in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and 75%-owned by Covivio. With a total of 25,000 m², the Cité Numérique, designed as a laboratory for economic, cultural and educational projects, today includes a Wellio pro-working space of over 3,000 m². Clients opting for the Wellio product are joining a rich and vibrant ecosystem with, in particular, Bordeaux Métropole, FrenchTech, Unitec, Sanofi and onepoint, already located at the Cité Numérique.

The pro-working concept developed by Wellio was born from an alliance between Covivio’s Office and Hotel expertise and brings together a number of standards: twice as much individual working space than the market average, high quality IT, furniture and acoustics, multi-use common areas for sharing (when pro-workers so wish), and a dedicated team on site trained in the codes of the hotel industry. 

Designed by Studios Architectes and inspired by the industrial loft concept, Wellio Bordeaux offers users 280 bookable and customisable workstations: personalised private offices, co-working stations, venues for events and for meetings. Wellio also offers a hybrid location known as the “Académie”, 300 m² of totally modular space able to accommodate a wide range of programming, from networking events to the setting up of innovation structures.

The Wellio “Académie”, a smart open space, intends to promote innovation by hosting players from a variety of complementary backgrounds, connecting them to the ecosystem of the Cité Numérique. Microsoft, for instance, will be setting up its 11th Microsoft AI School here, along with its 2nd Lab Experiences in France. The school, operated by Simplon, is dedicated to people out of work. Lab Experiences, both a showroom and ideation space around new Microsoft technologies and products, intends to bring together not only regional firms in order to speed up innovation but also players from the digital sector to boost the digital technology momentum of Bordeaux Métropole and the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

On top of this, Wellio offers pro-workers a wide range of facilities with a restaurant, bar and cafeteria, a self-serve catering area, a joint local concierge service, social areas and even a gaming zone. Each facility is open and accessible to all users of the Cité Numérique.


Onepoint, a long-term Covivio partner, has joined the Wellio Bordeaux pro-working spaces.

Onepoint, an architect behind major transformations helping businesses and public operators, has chosen to locate a part of its workforce inside this new pro-working space. Since November 2019, this leading player in digital transformation has taken up over 130 workstations, meeting rooms and social areas.

Now expanding rapidly in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, onepoint was looking for a flexible product that could adjust to its needs and identity. 

We have great ambitions in the south-west, to be a major player in the local economy and to hire over 600 staff within the next three years. So we needed more spaces beyond our offices in Pessac. With Wellio at the Cité Numérique, we can offer clients and partners spaces right at the heart of the regional digital ecosystem.” said Erwan Le Bronec, onepoint’s south-west partner. 

These new locations really prove the attractiveness of the Cité Numérique, particularly the Wellio pro-working offer, as a favoured destination for digital sector players conducive to collective innovation.

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