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Covivio – 2021 Employee Barometer

93% approve decisions taken to tackle crisis
79% feel proud of working at Covivio
Survey covering over 900 employees in Europe

For the second time in Europe and the fourth time in France, Covivio has measured the level of its employees’ involvement and engagement through a survey conducted by Kantar using its HiPO (High Performance Organization) model. Despite the health crisis and its impact on people’s relationship to work, the results corroborate Covivio’s values and corporate culture and testify to a high level of staff morale within the Company.

Covivio launched the survey in France in 2015 then extended it in 2019 across Europe, focusing on Germany and Italy where the Group is active. The aim is to give employees a voice and identify the key strengths of Covivio’s corporate culture, as well as areas for improvement in terms of quality of life at work and operating procedures.

The 2021 Barometer was slightly less positive than the 2019 survey but nonetheless confirmed three key takeaways:

  • Covivio’s employees’ confidence in the way the Grouptackled the health crisis
  • Confidence in safety arrangements upon return to the office
  • Overall employee engagement, which remains well above the Kantar benchmark*, particularly in terms of trust in management, commitment to Group strategy and the potential for skills development.

Focus: Europe results

Crisis management unanimously approved (non-benchmarked theme)

  • 93% of employees believe that Covivio made the right decisions in overcoming the crisis and 94% felt they had been adequately informed about the Group’s situation during the period.
  • 96% said the Group had achieved a successful business recovery.

Staff pride and engagement comforted

  • 83% are satisfied with their job (+10 points compared to the Kantar benchmark).
  • 79% are proud to work for Covivio and willingly share this with their entourage (+7 pts ).
  • 79% say they are willing to recommend Covivio to their friends and acquaintances (+5 pts).

Renewed confidence in strategy and management

  • 81% of employees affirm their full trust in top management (+18 pts).
  • This trust is primarily based on a clear understanding of strategy: 81% say they are familiar with Covivio’s strategic objectives (+4 pts), while 80% clearly see how their work contributes to the achievement of these objectives (+5 pts).

Focus: France results

Still proud to work for the Company

  • 77% of Covivio employees are proud to work for the Group and willingly share this with their entourage (+6 pts).
  • 78% are satisfied with their job (+8 pts) and 76% say they are willing to recommend Covivio to their friends and acquaintances (+9 pts).

Workplace safety: positive perception of health crisis management

  • 97% believe Covivio made the right decisions to overcome the crisis and 96% felt they had been adequately informed about the Company’s situation.
  • 93% feel Covivio made employee health a priority and 92% believe the Group will continue to guarantee their safety at work once they return to the office.

Employee confidence in Group management and strategy

  • 78% of employees support and firmly believe in Covivio’s strategic guidelines (+8 pts) and 85% say they are familiar with them (+21 pts).
  • This trust is extended to the management team, as 86% say they trust top management (+28 pts).
  • 92% of employees are optimistic about Covivio’s future (+24 pts).

Good change management in terms of both management and communication

  • 71% of employees say that changes at Covivio are well managed (+10 pts) and 70% say they are carried out at a satisfactory pace (+21 pts).
  • In addition, 77% confirm that their line managers have helped them adapt to these changes and 74% (+19 pts) say that they are given adequate information.

Appreciation for work tasks and team atmosphere

  • 87% of employees feel their work is interesting (+11 pts) and 81% say they are able to develop their skills and competencies (+20 pts).
  • Regarding atmosphere, 90% feel good in their team (+14 pts) and 80% claim to have a positive work-life balance (+7 pts).

“The engagement of our teams during the crisis is highly commendable and we are proud of having succeeded in maintaining an effective and mutually supportive workforce. We now need to continue our efforts to remain an attractive company in which we can develop, improve collectively and take pleasure in working together to fulfil our ambitions”. Elsa Canetti, Human Resources Director, Covivio.

“Again this year, Covivio’s results are well above the benchmarks, particularly in terms of the future: confidence in strategy, confidence in management and confidence in the future of the Company. As such, the slight dip in some results demonstrates the strength of Covivio’s corporate culture and the resilience of its teams.” Eric Chauvet, Senior Insight & Data Manager, Kantar TNS.

Kantar TNS methodology:


  • France: all Covivio France employees, i.e. 300 people
  • Europe: all Covivio Europe employees, i.e. 931 people


  • France: 77%
  • Europe: 79%

Survey period > 15 to 29 March 2021
Survey technique > secure anonymous online collection.

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