Career management and training

Vibrant and evolving careers

The development of individual and collective skills is a major challenge for Covivio in its aim to give the best service to its customers and partners, and to provide its employees with tailored and motivating career development opportunities.

Career management, which is based on mobility, training, knowledge transfer, and in particular on constant exchanges with and among peers, allows Covivio to build real career paths for its teams.


Training to face new challenges

Covivio has a mindful approach to developing the skills of its teams through training. Whether the purpose is to reinforce technical expertise, better manage everyday life, master the new challenges of the sector, or develop skills in terms of leadership or management, Covivio listens to its employees, supporting them throughout their careers.

Training week: learning differently

This method of knowledge-sharing and developing internal expertise celebrated its 6th anniversary in 2017 and has so far mobilised 115 participants in France.
On the agenda: internal experts share their daily routines with colleagues for a week, in order to explain their lines of business. The objective ? To better understand the Covivio lines of business, helping employees work better together.