Responsible commitments

In line with its values, Covivio pursues a responsible approach that is firmly future-orientated and provides for genuine dialogue with the talents of tomorrow – internally and externally. It is committed to the new generation, and actively involves its staff in the transfer and sharing of knowledge.


Sharing and relaying knowledge

Since 2008, our “Gateway” programme has supported secondary school students in the ZEP (zone d’éducation prioritaire –priority education zone) on the road to employment. We also have a partnership with the association Article 1, which supports young grant recipients showing significant potential in achieving their professional pathways. This allows us to promote professional development and the future integration of promising young talent into the world of work.

The conditions for better collaboration

Our Leadership Programme allows Covivio managers with potential from various European countries to work together through training and coaching. We aim to create a synergy between the staff of each country, around issues such as digitalisation and innovation, and to encourage interaction in order to accelerate our transformation

Truly equal opportunities

Our Ex-aequo Programme aims to promote equal opportunities between women and men in the various European countries in which we operate. Through awareness-raising measures and a mentoring programme, we help our employees to manage their careers within the company. Women account for 52% of the Covivio workforce, and 43% of the European Executive Committee.


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