Covivio Proptech: Innovate through real estate start-ups

Covivio has taken an open-innovation approach, resulting in many initiatives whose objective is to accelerate innovation.

Open up to real estate start-ups to increase innovation

Open up to real estate start-ups to increase innovation

In practical terms, Covivio interacts directly with real estate start-ups (Proptech) , which create innovation and have developed new products, processes, and services that meet the needs of our customers.
Covivio has developed and diversified its partnerships with innovation ecosystems. For example, the group has set up partnerships with specialised incubators such as Impulse Partners, which contribute to Covivio's open-innovation initiative by matching strategic partners with the company's resources and experience.

Covivio Proptech: Promote innovation by connecting it with our real estate products

Through Covivio Proptech, a dedicated investment vehicle, Covivio invests in innovative companies. It seeks several different types of investments:
- Direct investment in start-ups that have developed real estate-related products or services
- Indirect investment in structures whose business is sourcing and selecting real estate start-ups
Covivio Proptech invests in companies that have a clear link with our products - offices, hotels, residential, coworking, coliving – and our real estate businesses