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Innovate to offer our clients a new experience

To meet the new expectations of our clients, Covivio focuses its approach to innovation on three major trends: energy transition, customer relations and digital transformation.

Based on Covivio’s partnerships with innovation ecosystems, our teams can create and deliver new products and services to make our buildings more energy-efficient and improve customer experience.

A three-pillar innovation strategy

  • The energy transition, or how innovation contributes to more sustainable real estate
    • Covivio uses new energy transition technologies to innovate. Whether in relation to new materials, the eco-design of buildings, energy efficiency, the circular economy or the use of new technologies (e.g. Internet of Things), innovation features heavily in Covivio’s sustainable development policy.
    • To further reduce energy consumption across its portfolio and meet its targets (e.g. France Offices portfolio: a reduction of 40% between 2008 and 2020 and 35% at end-2019), Covivio decided to roll out the Powerbat monitoring system at its various office sites. Consumption is monitored in real-time, thus improving the management of the facilities and leading to better cost control in France, Italy and Germany.
  • Customer relations, or how innovation responds to our clients’ new expectations
    • Covivio has introduced a wide range of services across all of its buildings such as food services, well-being and comfort.
    • Wellio, the pro-working network created by Covivio, allows the group to offer its clients and partners a comprehensive range of real estate solutions. Businesses can combine commercial leases and flexible workspaces within one Covivio building to address all their challenges and needs.
  • Digital transformation, or how innovation transforms operating methods for increased transversality and agility
    • Covivio’s clients are offered a new digital experience with a mobile app that combines all the services available in our office buildings (commercial leases or flexible workspaces). Covivio thus provides its clients with a digital experience.
    • We are exploring new construction and management methods which are related, among others, to the Internet of Things (IoT), digital modelling (BIM) or Blockchain. We are developing multiple initiatives for the construction and management of our buildings, based on new technologies.
    • Following the European roll-out of special tools such as CRM and Cloud computing, Covivio’s digital transformation addresses a threefold objective: customer satisfaction, portfolio performance and the pooling of our in-house expertise in Europe.