One year on from the launch of Wellio, its flexible space offer, a first 12-month review from Covivio

One year ago, Covivio officially launched “Wellio”, a flexible space offer, a unique combination of its expertise from the hotel and work environment sectors. Today, Wellio has four sites to its credit in France, i.e. over 12,000 sq.m of space and services designed to speed up user and customer transformations. Wellio, a fully flexible offer in both time and space, meets the new needs of working spaces and the uses we make of them.

Wellio, an original product uniting Covivio’s expertise in office space and hotels

Launched in November 2017 by Covivio and officially named in March 2018, Wellio is Europe’s first ever pro-working network. Backed by in-depth knowledge of users and expertise in the hotel sector and work environments, Wellio by Covivio proposes a unique bespoke solution tailored to the new uses and needs of companies, whatever their profile, and to the future development of usages and forms of organisation. 

Wellio proposes every solution in one and the same building. From co-working space to dedicated offices to office suites, plus collaborative spaces and areas for special events. As a real turnkey solution for companies looking for flexibility, Wellio spaces feature the high-end standards of Covivio buildings when it comes to location, comfort, ergonomics and connectivity.

Designed at once for major groups, SMBs, start-ups, entrepreneurs or the self-employed, Wellio pro-working spaces offer a new work experience with facilities that are both private and open, specifically along the lines of shared services throughout the building.

Wellio, the ambition of a European network

After the launch of the first Wellio site late 2017 giving 2,300 sq.m in Marseille, Wellio opened 3 sites in Paris in 2018: the first of 3,500 sq.m in Miromesnil in the 8th district, the second of 5,000 sq.m at the Paris Gare de Lyon rail station, and lastly, in early November, 1,500 sq.m in the 18th district of Paris Montmartre.

The development strategy for Wellio is targeted at locations in the heart of the most attractive French and European gateway cities, in new or refurbished buildings owned by Covivio.

Come 2019, Wellio is planning to open new addresses in Bordeaux and Milan, amongst others.

“Today, one year after the opening of our first site, we can see that the Wellio offer meets a real demand. Initial feedback from users is positive and occupancy rates are good. As an example, our Wellio Paris Miromesnil site is showing an occupancy rate of over 90%. Business is growing and has enabled us to open new discussions with both long-standing and more recent partner customers. This reflects our service approach and the broader evolution of Covivio business lines,” emphasised Olivier Estève, Covivio Deputy CEO.

With Wellio, we want to offer our customers a professional work environment that is flexible and inspiring… and let them make the most of intelligent space and high-end services inspired by the hotel industry. Our story is only just beginning, and our thinking is based on permanently adapting our approach and our product by adding in customer feed-back“, added Céline Leonardi, Head of Wellio by Covivio.

Inspiring work spaces with a unique design

Wellio has set out to make each product lay-out different, respecting the building’s history, the economic and social environment, and the location, aimed at offering pro-workers a different experience every time. So, for the first projects, Wellio called in the expertise of Colliers International France and Saguez & Partners….

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