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Innovating to create tomorrow’s real estate

In a world facing environmental, digital and social challenges, Covivio has embedded a process of continuous innovation. We see innovation as the way to seize new opportunities, transform our business lines and design products that invent tomorrow’s real estate.

Building differently
for better

Going hand-in-hand with our CSR strategy are our priority areas for innovation, which test new solutions for materials, eco-design of buildings, energy management and the circular economy, all made possible by new technologies.

New technology solutions

Managing energy consumption

Managing energy consumption

Energy consumption is reported in real time via the Powerbat digital platform thanks to the monitoring system installed in partnership with Delta Dore in around twenty buildings in France, Italy and Germany. This innovative system improves the management of facilities and cuts buildings’ energy costs.

Improving indoor air quality

Improving indoor air quality

In France and Italy, Covivio is experimenting with new solutions to measure air quality throughout the building. Data is gathered from sensors measuring the real-time prevalence of CO2 and particulates in the air. This is then fed into predictive algorithms which analyse and forecast interior air quality in the buildings and adjust ventilation systems to ensure the comfort of occupants, while simultaneously managing air conditioning system energy consumption.

Mixing materials and uses

Stream Building:
a flagship project

Built of wood combined with concrete, the Stream Building was picked as one of the winning “Reinventing Paris” projects. Located in Paris 17th arrondissement with a total surface area of 16,200 m², this building introduces a raft of innovations:

  • mixed uses: offices, hotel, retail space, urban agriculture
  • building methods that include nearly 2,000 m3 of wood (post & beam structure, flooring). This building system delivers excellent heat, sound and technical performance.

Stream Building : A mixed office/hotel project, with a wood/concrete structure

BIM, BOS, and more... new technology
to accelerate innovation

BIM, a digital twin
for our latest buildings

For many years, Covivio has been using computer-assisted design and management techniques for its portfolio. “BIM” (Building Information Monitoring) allows users to model all the technical data related to a building and optimise its management. BIM models, aka “digital twins”, have been used in all our most recent buildings starting from the design phase.

Stream Building, Paris 17th arrondissement, delivered in 2022 - BIM d’Argent award in 2021

BOS, creating added value through building data

BOS (Building Operating System) is the natural next step after BIM, introducing a building data management system that fully digitises services. This technology pulls together all the data generated by the building.


Covivio is now trialling BOS technology in its building Silex² in Lyon

Innovating for
an agile and connected
customer experience

Whether through Wellio, its flexible office offering, or through its varied range of services including catering, well-being and mobility solutions, Covivio’s innovation is always practical, useful and tailored to clients’ needs.

Wellio, Covivio’s flexible offering

1st pro-working network in Europe

Wellio is Covivio’s flex-office range providing all types of answers, from HQ to full operated offices for SMEs, start-ups and major groups. Installed in our buildings in the heart of major cities, Wellio spots provide customisable workspaces and dedicated support, including IT layout.

Meeting rising demand for modular spaces

a lever for
more flexibility

Space management solutions using the IoT (internet of things) is becoming a key element in office transformation. They provide a better understanding of how workspace is used today. Mass data from meters and flow sensors installed around the building is analysed and feeds back into thinking about how buildings are used.

Allowing clients to modulate their rented space over time

An app to digitalise the customer experience

Covivio offers clients a digital experience through a mobile app that pulls together all the services in our buildings (space reservations, concierge services, marketplace) and an information space (news, useful documentation, incident alerts and monitoring).The app’s efficient monitoring system means we can adapt quickly to clients’ needs.