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Rallying its stakeholders to address CSR challenges

In view of the current climate-related, environmental, social and digital challenges, Covivio is committed to ensuring that its growth and portfolio are 100% compatible with the local area, addressing key challenges in terms of transport, energy, communication networks, biodiversity, etc.

A strong local ethic

As an ethical company, Covivio has been assessing the socio-economic impact of its France Offices and Italy Offices business since 2014 and 2016 respectively. In 2018, this study was extended to hotels in Europe and Germany: Covivio has thus helped to support 15,100 full-time jobs.


A responsible supply chain

Covivio was one of the first European real estate companies to adopt a Responsible Procurement Policy. This policy, rolled out in 2011, covers the whole of the supply chain for the development and management activities of the France Offices portfolio, as well as the company’s overheads.

Responsible Procurement Charter

Back in 2011, Covivio adopted a responsible procurement policy based on four tools: a Responsible Procurement Charter; CSR clauses in contracts; a survey questionnaire on suppliers’ CSR practices (updated in 2019); and a review audit of around 10 suppliers per year based on answers to the questionnaire.

White paper on supplier relations

Covivio also shares its procurement best practices and innovations with its supply chain through its White Paper on supplier relations. In 2020, supplier CSR risks were mapped at the European level.

Promoting biodiversity

A major challenge for the entire real estate chain and construction industry, biodiversity is an effective indicator of the Group’s CSR policy. It is why Covivio endeavours to make each of its sites a genuine lever for biodiversity. Moreover, Covivio has produced a European biodiversity map for its various portfolios.


Covivio joins the Act4nature International initiative

Launched in 2018 by the French non-profit organisation Entreprises pour l’Environnement, the Act4nature initiative seeks to engage with companies on the subject of their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies, identifying what actions they can take to protect nature. By joining the initiative, Covivio has subscribed to 10 general commitments, has set itself the specific targets recognised by Act4nature and has introduced new metrics: for example, measuring the impact of developments on biodiversity and the biodiversity net gain for 100% of its operations between now and the end of 2025.

Connecting business and civil society

In 2020, Covivio, as urban player, set up its European corporate foundation, choosing equal opportunities as its overarching theme. More than a dozen projects have been funded in France, Germany and Italy. For example, since 2015 Covivio has been working with the non-profit organisation Article 1 on skills-based and financial sponsorship, offering solidarity and support for young students from low-income backgrounds. The Group also funds the development of student housing through the Article 1 MA1SON project, which has supported 200 young people and launched 40 community projects in four years.