Covivio commercialises 4,500 m² of its new Parisian site Wellio Gobelins for 58-month

Covivio announces the signing of 58-month services contract for the entire new Wellio Gobelins flexible space and services site with a public structure. The 4,500 m² of this building, which is currently being restructured, will be fully commercialised 6 months before delivery.

Located at 40 boulevard du Port-Royal in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, the building acquired by Covivio in 2006 and previously occupied by Orange is currently being restructured and will open in March 2021. A stone’s throw away from the Gobelins Manufactory and Luxembourg Gardens, this will be the 7th Wellio spot, the flexible offices and services solution developed by Covivio.

Drawn by the location, the genius loci and the flexibility of the offering, the future occupier chose the Wellio Gobelins site in order to regroup its staff before moving into new headquarters in 2025. The 4,500 m² of the building will thus be occupied under a 58-month service contract.

Spaces and services designed in the image of their occupant

For this unique and atypical project, Covivio shared its expertise in state-of-the-art workspaces by organising a series of design thinking workshops with management and staff of the future occupier. This collaborative approach, focusing on the expression of corporate culture, space layout and service planning, allowed the parties to customise the project from A to Z. The service offering was also designed in consultation with the future occupier in order to capitalise on Covivio’s fundamentals and partnerships. It includes a dedicated service and reception team, two bars (reception and rooftop), sports coaching (yoga/Pilates), wellness sessions (sophrology, osteopathy, etc.), a cultural programme (temporary exhibitions, workshops, concerts), a cooperative vegetable garden, organic food baskets, Le Bon Bocal fresh food connected fridges and a communal library, all within a controlled budget under an all-inclusive service agreement.

A building designed to foster transformation and collaboration

With this move, Covivio’s new customer also intends to acculturate its teams to new ways of working, in particular through spaces that perfectly meet the needs in terms of collaboration, sharing and connection, whether physical or virtual.

Wellio Gobelins: a living space infused with the spirit of Les Gobelins

The decorative concept designed by Cocorico architect agency was inspired by the world of two illustrious neighbour institutions: it combines the age-old craftsmanship motifs derived from the former Gobelins tapestry factory with the unique visual culture of the Gobelins School of Visual Arts. As a result, the occupants will be surrounded by giant tapestries, video frescoes, animated and immersive walls, photography studios and more. Wellio Gobelins also offers exceptional facilities such as 120 m² of terrace and patio space and a 490 m² rooftop terrace offering a panoramic view of Paris.
“Today, flexibility is key for companies seeking agility combined with a tailor-made approach to turn their workspaces into genuine social and collaborative hubs. The complementary nature of our solutions and expertise helps us build custom solutions alongside our customers and makes Covivio a go-to partner able to keep up with ever-changing requirements. The commercialisation of Wellio Gobelins six months before delivery under the present circumstances is a perfect testimony to the relevance of our approach”, said Olivier Estève, Deputy CEO Covivio.

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