Covivio expresses its Purpose: Build sustainable relationships and well-being

Today, Covivio is announcing its Purpose, the outcome of a shared project run by the Board of Directors and internal teams at the European level.

Covivio thus expresses its role, as a responsible real estate operator, watchful of its impacts with all stakeholders: clients, shareholders and financial partners, internal teams, local authorities, and also future generations and the whole planet.

“The Board of Directors has worked with Covivio’s teams not only to declare our Purpose but also to assert our concrete ambitions with all our stakeholders. This Purpose will shape our development. I am counting on our clients and partners to carry on inspiring and challenging us to meet all present and future challenges, and on our teams to instill real life into this purpose in their day-to-day work.”

Jean Laurent, Covivio Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“After adopting our European identity in 2018, we wanted to go a step further and take a stance in the face of today’s social, environmental and economic issues. Formally setting out our Purpose is the opportunity to assert our ambitions with stakeholders, presenting concrete objectives reviewed on a regular basis.”

Christophe Kullmann, Covivio Chief Executive Officer.


Covivio expresses its Purpose

For more than 20 years, Covivio has helped shape and develop major European gateway cities, building offices, hotels and housing for its customers.

Through its new identity created in 2018, Covivio has strengthened its ambition to get even closer to customers for whom we produce space in which to work, travel and live.

Today, Covivio’s Board members and teams have decided to go a step further and express how we intend to contribute to major social, environmental and economic challenges by involving all our stakeholders. We then defined our Purpose…

Build sustainable relationships and well-being


By offering high standards of well-being in all our buildings, Covivio enhances relationships between people and makes a telling contribution to their development, the effectiveness of organizations and the sustainability of development.

Our Purpose puts people at the heart of the city, places our activities in a long-term context, and forms the backbone for our development. It also encourages us to make concrete and ambitious commitments to all our stakeholders.

For our customers, we are committed to providing spaces and services that facilitate and enhance relationships, thereby ensuring well-being and comfort: prime locations, proximity to public transport, indoor air quality, acoustic and thermal comfort, natural light, green, mixed and versatile spaces, new “home-away-from-home” hotel concepts… all far-reaching services that make it possible to support our customers in their day-to-day lives, connect them and so increase opportunities for relationships and allow them to reveal their highest potential.

To our shareholders and financial partners, we guarantee the sustainability of our long-term business model, which combines investor, developer, manager and service provider activities right across the value chain. They can rely on our commitment to transparency and reporting. With our suppliers and consultants, we establish quality, sustainable and balanced relationships based on trust and respect for our commitments. Working with us means sharing our Purpose and contributing to the achievement of our ambitions.

For our teams, well-being at work and valuable professional relationships are the pillars of our employer brand. As a company committed to the development of its teams, and in addition to our actions to promote gender equality at work, employment of older workers and quality of life in the workplace, we work together with our employees to build their professional careers and advance their skills.

With local authorities, we build on the attractiveness of regions. We encourage the emergence of eco-responsible practices and innovations in terms of urban quality of life, opening buildings to the city, the development of biodiversity, and waste management. In this way we contribute to the challenges of the city of tomorrow: more energy-efficient, connected, committed to social well-being and environmental quality in order to place people at the center of each urban environment. For future generations and our planet, given that the well-being and quality of relationships go hand-in-hand with the preservation of our environment, we place our real estate and service footprint within the framework of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, with precise, public and ambitious objectives. Because individual and collective well-being can only develop sustainably in a society where all social groups live together in harmony, we are fully committed to helping reduce inequalities that lead to imbalance and vulnerability.
To do this, we make the following commitments:

To improve our impact on the environment

  • From 2020, all our new development projects will include green spaces (terraces, patios, roof tops, urban agriculture…)
  • In 2025, 100% of our buildings will be “green” (certification or labelling)
  • By 2030, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions by 34% compared to 2010.

To maximize the well-being of our customers and teams

  • From 2020, all our new projects will target a high level of well-being labelling
  • All customer requests will be processed within 24 hours, and client satisfaction will be regularly measured and be taken into account in the remuneration of our teams
  • In 2025, 95% of our buildings will be located within a 10-minute walking distance from public transport systems
  • All our office development projects will benefit from a high level of connectivity
  • And all our multi-tenant office buildings will offer a wide range of services accessible through an App
  • Every other year, we will measure the well-being of our teams. We will share the results with them and invest together in the areas in need of improvement.

To strengthen our social commitments

  • In 2020, Covivio will create a Foundation that will unite all our actions in favour of equal opportunities and environmental protection
  • In order for our teams to contribute to our commitments, Covivio’s employees will be able to devote, each year, one solidarity day to support a social project identified by the Foundation.

In 2020, in order to follow up on these commitments linked to our Purpose, to challenge and renew them, Covivio will create a Stakeholder Committee, which will assemble customers, suppliers and partners, representatives of our teams, shareholders, local authorities, sociologists, urbanists…

Each year, this Committee will publish the results of its work on the follow-up of our objectives, related to Covivio’s Purpose, and its proposals for new commitments.

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