Covivio, EDF and Impulse Partners launch call for projects for their “Air Quality Challenge”

What innovative solutions are there for improving indoor air quality whilst reducing energy consumption?

A building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) is a public health and wellbeing issue for its occupants. Long-term real estate partners Covivio and EDF have teamed up with business incubator Impulse Partners to launch a European call for projects aimed at start-ups, SMEs, laboratories, non-profit organisations and large companies offering innovative solutions on this topical issue.

Given that we spend most of our time in enclosed spaces (such as homes, offices and public transport) and breathe between 8,000 and 12,000 litres of air each day, and in view of the new regulatory standards, the subject of indoor air quality has never been so important. In addition, the current global health crisis has raised the stakes even higher.

A pan-Europe challenge to trial new solutions across the Covivio and EDF real estate portfolio

In a bid to identify and test innovative new solutions designed to deliver tangible improvements to indoor air quality whilst reducing energy consumption, Covivio and EDF’s R&D team are today launching a European call for projects entitled “Air Quality Challenge”. This initiative is being supported by Impulse Partners, an innovation specialist and existing partner of both companies.

From 2 June to 30 September 2020, companies, laboratories and non-profit organisations with innovative IAQ solutions will be able to submit their entries via a dedicated website (airqualitychallenge.com), under the framework defined by Covivio and EDF. The two partners are looking for innovative, smart and practical systems conducive to reducing the consumption of energy.

The successful candidates will be able to test their solutions in buildings owned by Covivio and EDF.

“For Covivio, as Europe’s leading real estate operator, the initiative ties in perfectly with our R&D-based innovation strategy targeting solutions that have a direct and tangible impact on both the quality of our buildings and the wellbeing of our clients”, said Marielle Seegmuller, Operations Director at Covivio. “We began working with EDF on this issue more than a year ago, having identified common expectations and avenues of exploration, with a view to launching a joint project in the first half of 2020. The current climate lends new resonance to this initiative”, continues Innovation Director Philippe Boyer.

“EDF’s R&D team has been working for several years to make buildings more energy-efficient, in line with occupants’ expectations of day-to-day wellbeing. We have joined forces with Covivio on this initiative to accelerate the emergence of innovative solutions that we can develop for our employees and customers”, adds Sylvie Moulet, EDF’s R&D Programme Director – Customers and Services.


Who can apply?

Any company (start-up, SME or major group), laboratory or non-profit organisation operating in one or more countries of the European Union, as well as Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Norway.

Which projects are eligible?

The aim of this challenge is to identify and implement innovative materials, processes, products or services that help to improve indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption. Projects based on biomimetics are of particular interest. Candidates will also be asked whether their solutions are mature or still under development (at a fairly advanced phase), so that they can then be tested at scale.

  • Timetable2 June to 30 September 2020 > Submission of entries on the website
  • 1 to 31 October 2020 > Shortlisting of applications
  • 6 November 2020 > Notification of candidates and finalists, information about how the judging panel will be organised
  • 27 November 2020 > Announcement of the winners and presentation of the projects
  • December 2020 – January 2021 > Preparation of trial agreements with the winners
  • First quarter of 2021 > Commencement of trials

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