Pride in working for the company, support for the strategy, confidence in the management, etc. Covivio gives the floor to its teams

For the third time, Covivio measured the level of involvement and commitment of its French employees through the Barometer survey, conducted by the Kantar Institute, and based on the HiPO (High Performance Organization) model. These latest results confirm Covivio’s values and strong corporate culture.

The 2019 findings show that the overall commitment level among Covivio employees is much higher than the Kantar benchmark for private-sector employees in France. The main stand-out aspects are engagement and pride in working for the company, confidence in the management at all levels, and change management effectiveness.

Real pride in working for the company confirmed

The survey reveals that 88% of Covivio employees are satisfied with their job (+18 points over the Kantar benchmark), 85% are proud to work for Covivio and gladly talk about it in their entourage (+14 pts*) and 89% say they would recommend their company (+25 pts).

Clear confidence in the management and strategy

93% of respondents say they have confidence in the management team (+40 pts) and 80% in their line manager (+10 pts). This climate of confidence is largely attributable to the internal dissemination of Covivio’s strategic directions: 88% of employees say they are familiar with the Group strategy (+23 pts) and 91% support and firmly believe in Covivio’s strategic directions. 99% of employees are optimistic regarding Covivio’s future (+31 pts).

Changes in the company led with internal teams’ support

According to 70% of respondents, the changes implemented by Covivio are going in the right direction (+30 pts) and led at a satisfactory pace for 68% of employees (+19 pts). Furthermore, these changes are well experienced by the teams. 81% say they have been helped by their management to adapt to these changes (+23 pts), for 79% these changes are well managed (+18 pts) and 76% say they have been sufficiently informed about it (+21 pts).

A good place to work!

91% of employees say they find their work interesting (+15 pts) while 86% deem they can develop their skills and competencies within Covivio (+ 25 pts). The high level of job satisfaction can be explained by the positive atmosphere in the company (90% of respondents, +14 pts) and the good work-life balance (84%, +11 pts).

“As a responsible employer, the results of this survey are critical in assessing the relevance of the actions wecarry out every day within the company. They encourage us to continue our efforts regarding improving quality of work life and professional development,” explains Covivio Human Resources Director Elsa Canetti.


*All variations are indicated relative to the Kantar benchmark.

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