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Location and working space : betting on success for the future?

The crisis is still with us, it’s over, we’re coming out of it…it’s hard to get everyone to agree. Yet in real estate, one thing is sure: companies are still honing their strategies and above all, they are moving forward again. Economic logic is, of course, still underpinning their decisions. Nonetheless, new considerations, which were thought to have been the reserve of a minute minority of large corporations, are now making inroads and guiding real estate choices. These recent issues of multi-modal outlook, security, new ways of working, flexibility and the Grand Paris initiative are having a particular impact on two basic dimensions of decision making in real estate: Choosing locations and perspectives of working environments.

These are the subjects that Covivioand AOS Studley, in partnership with TNS Sofres, decided to deal with in their 2013 surveyentitled “Choosing locations and working environment perspectives: betting on success for the future?”, or how to now move from a concept based solely on economic logic to one featuring a socio-economic approach.