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What if offices were to make
work attractive again?

The study

View of European employees on their actual satisfaction and attachment to their workplace, in particular in view of the social ties developed there

Predicting and understanding new trends, especially new uses, are at the heart of Covivio’s strategy. The purpose of this survey of French, German and Italian employees is to provide further food for thought. The study provides a new vision of the day-to-day life and expectations of employees in Europe:

  • What are the key factors that encourage their attachment to their workplace and their company?
  • How do their professional relationships influence their well-being at work?
  • How does the work environment affect the employees’ performance?

OpinionWay carried out this study “What if offices were to make work attractive again?” from 5 to 19 September 2016, in which 3,007 employees in companies with over 250 employees (1001 German employees, 1003 Italian employees and 1003 French employees) took self-administered online surveys.