A living property is a lasting property

At a time when the way we live and work isconstantly evolving, Covivio is imagining the living property, and co-constructingthe city of tomorrow. The living property synthesisesour approach which combinesoffices, hotels and residences in its projects, responding to today’s social and environmental challenges. Its driving principleis toeliminate thebarriersbetween usages and foster the values of openness through the use of smart, connected and responsible buildings, in synch with theexpectationsof their occupants.

Work, travel, live…

The usage revolution brings us closer to the end users of our buildings: employees, travellers, inhabitants. As a preferred Europe-wide playerin the world of real estate, Covivio, together with the users,is inventing variable usespaces to support businesses, hotel brands and regions as they strive to attract customers, transformthemselves and perform responsibly.



Co-building a modern property

The barriers between usages,and the spaces that host them,are being eliminated. Concierge services are now offeredin offices. Shared spaces now feature hotels. Co-working stimulates collaborative work. Co-living fosters a spirit of community. We are tearing down walls and mobilising all our real estate expertise to increase synergies.

“Concierge servicesarenow offeredin offices. Shared spaces now feature hotels. The diversity of uses and the increase in services have made the walls between products more permeable. These shared codes are fashioningthe new Covivio brand.”

Johanna Wagner, Hotel Portfolio Manager

Discover our smart buildings

Covivio’s projects are first and foremost connected, not only to their occupants and their needs, but to their environment and the city. They are smart and synonymous with personalised experience in a digital and open age.



with predictive maintenance and nuanced data analysis. Thanks to the collection of data, potential power cuts and other unexpected events can be anticipated, and future changes in usage can beprepared.

Energy performance thanks

to eco-design, to respect for the strictest environmental standards and to implementation of local networks and the circular economy. By reducing waste and squandering fewer raw materials so that our buildings become part of an environmental transition movement.


based on home automation and connected objects. Monitoring building comfort in real time and using connected sensors to ensurethe security and integrity of a building.

Service-oriented approach

with on-site concierges and spaces for relaxing and/orco-working. We createproperties to live in. Offices, hotels, residences: our creations are increasinglyflexible in order to adapt to any use and any desire.

Openness to the city

with deep local roots, starting at the design phase. We design a property within its global ecosystem and are conscious of belonging to a collective from which we can offer buildings that are increasingly inclusive and connected with their environment.