Build sustainable relationships
and well-being

Through its Purpose, Covivio expresses its role as a responsible real estate operator to all its stakeholders: customers, shareholders and financial partners, internal teams, local authorities but also to future generations and the planet.

Respond to major social, environmental and economic issues

Covivio has helped shape and develop major European gateway cities, building offices, hotels and housing for its customers. Through its new identity created in 2018, Covivio has strengthened its ambition to get even closer to customers for whom we produce space in which to work, travel and live. Covivio’s Board members and teams have decided to go a step further and express how we intend to contribute to major social, environmental and economic challenges by involving all our stakeholders.

Our Manifesto

Reveal all potentials through sustainable relationships and well-being

By offering high standards of well-being in all our buildings, Covivio enhances relationships between people and makes a telling contribution to their development, the effectiveness of organizations and the sustainability of development. Our Purpose puts people at the heart of the city, places our activities in a long-term context, and forms the backbone for our development. It also encourages us to make concrete and ambitious commitments to all our stakeholders.

Our engagements



Establishment of a Foundation and a Stakeholder Committee. All our new projects will feature a certified well-being designation. All our new development projects will have green spaces (terraces, patios, rooftops, urban agriculture, etc.). All customer requests will be handled in under 24 hours, and customer satisfaction will be measured regularly. Covivio employees will be able to devote one day a year to participate in a social project identified by the Foundation.


100% of our assets will be “green” (with certification or a label for new building or operating building). All our multi-tenants office buildings will offer a wide range of services accessible via a mobile app. All our office developments will benefit from a high level of connectivity.



34% reduction in our carbon emissions compared to 2010.

Covivio today and tomorrow