Real estate as a vector of transformation

We design living real estate. We draw the major cities of the future. We make people the main focus of our projects. We are committed to preserve the environment. We build sustainable relationships and well-being

A vision for living real estate

Space for a living real estate that supports the changing relationship between people and cities. With cooperation as a part of our DNA along with our expertise in real estate and our European culture, we are getting closer to the users and harnessing their ambitions in order to cocreate and collectively inspire the kind of real estate that reflects them.
It’s by taking this approach that we have moved from a sense of ownership to an operator, acting as an investor as well as a developer, manager and creator of services.

With Europe on the horizon

With Europe on the horizon

In Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, but also Lyon and Hamburg, Covivio creates, transforms and energizes cities, while tackling the climate challenge. We deploy all of our real estate activities in these cities and combine working, travelling and living. Covivio has developed various aspects for its projects, including connectivity, flexibility, openness, diversity and greening. All of these attributes define the attractive cities of tomorrow. Established in 12 countries, Covivio encourages encounters and mixes cultures to approach real estate from a different angle.

And the customer at the center of our attention

In France, Italy or Germany, when it comes to office, hotel or residential, the search for a quality and enriching experience is everywhere. Covivio combines its expertise to rethink its buildings and client journey. Our goal is to maximise the potential of our spaces to boost that of our clients. To do so, we involve them from the design stage of our projects to factor in their expectations and interview them regularly to garner their feedback.

The partner of the city of 2030

The partner of the city of 2030

Covivio joins forces with committed players, recognised for their expertise and high standards, to shape the attractive, high-performance major cities of the future. From design to day-to-day management, we develop projects in cooperation with all of our stakeholders. With our long-term approach, the bonds of trust we develop and our ability to design mixed-use projects, we are able to imagine a real estate that is both sustainable and flexible.

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On living real estate Activity

On living real estate

We are convinced that to design a lasting real estate, there has to be room for cocreation. The synergy between all of our expertise and the inspiration we draw from our European customers enable us to fully engage in a living real estate.

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Asset management, development, technical design, creation of services or customer relationship management – we operate as both a direct and singular operator in all stages of the project by understanding the overall importance of real estate.