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Are today’s design methods the same as yesterday’s?


Do we design a building today as we did one or ten years ago? What are the new rules, the new approaches? What are the criteria that count today to build efficient buildings that make cities more dynamic? Crossed views between Philippe Chiambaretta and Matthias Sauerbruch.

Philippe Chiambaretta, Architect and Founder of PCA-STREAM, and Matthias Sauerbruch, Architect and Founder of Sauerbruch Hutton, two architects’ partners of Covivio and who work with us on emblematic projects (Stream Building in Paris-17th and Alexanderplatz in Berlin) share their point of view in the new episode of our podcast Shakertime.

Whether in France or in Germany, the findings and the ways of thinking are similar. The challenges of building design are more numerous and more complex. Environmental factors are becoming the driving force in all decisions. And the question of desirability, beyond utility, is becoming more central.

In response to these issues, the 2020s seem to be a momentum for our two partners who see it as a tipping point in the way we construct a building and in the way we design cities…

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