From customer relations to customer experience

Changes in consumption methods, the millennials generation, new ways of working and digital technologies, have transformed and continue to transform working life.

Our tenant customers now want their working day to be an experience. To meet these expectations, we have moved from the idea of “Customer Relations” to that of “Customer Experience”. We conceived a panel of service offerings to meet and anticipate the new needs: connected collaborative spaces, a diversified, flexible and innovative service offering, and also a living community in the building and an opening to the neighbourhood

Stéphanie La Sala, Client Relation Director of Covivio

In terms of services and user experience, it is important to remain agile and responsive in order to anticipate and respond to our customers' new expectations and best support them in their changes and transformations.

The collaborative shared services and layouts promote well-being for occupants and facilitate the work-life balance for employees, as well as promoting recruitment and attracting new talent. Supporting societal policy and quality of life at work, as well as encouraging exchanges between the different tenant companies within our buildings are opportunities to which we respond by our client-centricity and services policy.

Our approach is based on a shared services foundation for each building, along with specific services and the development of collaborative spaces. “Customised” services are offered, including an overall customer and visitor path covering the following aspects:

  • a reception including the new welcome codes from the hotel industry;
  • varied, alternative or additional catering offerings to inter-company restaurants (connected refrigerators, online canteen etc.);
  • more personal services (laundry, various repairs, sporting and cultural activities, well-being, leisure etc.).

These services are naturally defined jointly with our customers and change over time to constantly offer renewed experiences to employees.

The shared spaces (pooled meeting rooms, relaxation areas, catering etc.) are reversible and adapt to different uses, throughout the day, with simple layout changes.

We have also added a cultural dimension to our approach. With the Blue Cumulus art work installed in the hall of our Silex1 building in Lyon, we have initiated the deployment of a programme promoting art in working areas, as a factor that contributes to employee well-being. This programme is continuing: in Toulouse in our Riverside building, in partnership with the Printemps de Septembre, other example in Paris in our Art&Co and The Line buildings.

Digital technologies are also an essential focus in our service approach. We are working closely with several start-ups to introduce new technologies in our buildings by using our own premises as pilot areas. We carry out constant monitoring to attract new players and anticipate our customers’ expectations. We are actively working to implement an app-building, already being tested in two of our buildings.

Of course, Wellio, the pro-working offering developed by Covivio, is both a source of inspiration to capture expectations, and experimentation, to test our solutions. This offering continues to be developed, thus offering our tenant customers even more services and flexibility, as well as a new working environment.

Lastly, to be even closer to the expectations of our end-users, at the start of 2019 we launched a web- and field survey with employees working in our multi-let buildings in order to refine and adapt our service offerings.