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HR: What are the new challenges in 2022?


Attractiveness and development of talent, quality of life at work and work/life balance, support for managers, maintenance of the social link in a world of work that has become hybrid… These are all questions that are transforming the challenges of Human Resources today.

Interview with Covivio’s three European HR teams – Elsa Canetti in France, Giovanna Ruda in Italy, Uwe Becker and Shahrzad Dijoor in Germany – who share their views on the evolution of Human Resources over the last two years. What has really changed? What are the issues that are getting more and more attention today? Let’s find out.

Hybrid management: what are we talking about?

“The pandemic has made us switch permanently to a very different organization of work, remotely, in a context that is very stressful for people. The role of managers has been more crucial than ever.

In a complex and now hybrid world, they are asked more than ever to listen and hear weak signals, and to create lasting relationships with their stakeholders and teams. And hybrid management remains a vast subject in this respect: after a period of excitement linked to novelty, creativity in adversity, daily meetings on Teams, weariness has set in and it is difficult to anchor new ways of working. In 2022, the challenge will be to land on this subject: what is hybrid management at Covivio, what are the best practices, can we manage the risks and above all find lasting benefits for all?

In my opinion, what must necessarily change in the HR profession is therefore the support of front-line managers: we must personalize the approaches, become coaches, legal experts, talent scouts, manage the emergency but also take a step back and understand the long-term consequences to help management make the right decisions. Always at the service of business, but without compromising on the sustainability of actions in terms of human capital, because this is what will determine our ability to attract, develop and retain talent. At Covivio, we have never coached managers as much as in 2021, and management training will continue to change form, so that they can continue to support a positive Covivio social model. On a daily basis, my conviction is that they need to share ideas and be less alone in their managerial role – at the risk of the costume going out of fashion quickly! – and this is at the heart of our HR business.”, says Elsa Canetti, Chief Human Resources Officer, France.

Work/life balance: where do we stand?

“Human resources management has had to face some difficult challenges in the last two years.
We’ve gone from managing an emergency situation due to the pandemic that has seen work enter strongly into people’s homes without the filter of the physical location of the office, and currently we’re still in the process of finding a “new normal”. In fact, the pandemic has certainly led each of us to think about and redefine our priorities; then, we believe that what is crucial in the short term is not only finding balanced and efficient organizational models, but also proposing jobs that are able to excite and attract people.

In fact, people no longer want to go to work thinking about taking time away from their personal time, but instead want to live their lives at work doing something that they enjoy, stimulates and enriches them. We will move from a model that put personal life and work on opposite poles, to one that integrates them. It is up to us to find answers that allow these two models to coexist efficiently.

I think that in this regard, technologies will certainly help us, but above all, a management that is open – minded and willing to innovate so as to be able to meet these new needs.
I think that this will be the field where, in the very short term, the war of talents (and in particular of young talents) will be played out.

From this point of view, we at Covivio think that in order to intercept these new needs, it is essential to give voice to the company’s population.
This is why, for instance, we promote a survey a group level every 2 years on the well-being of our employees; this is one of the ways by which the company tries to capture the changing needs of its teams in order to always be relevant in the opportunities offered to Covivio employees of today and tomorrow.”, adds Giovanna Ruda, Head of Human Resources, Italy.

Focus on attractiveness and talent development?

“In order to continue to be an attractive employer, we are devoting a great deal of attention to the topics of corporate purpose and values, and how these can be lived and communicated internally and externally,” explains Shahrzad Dijoor, Head of the department Personnel Development and Recruiting.

“To attract talents today, the question of “meaning” has become key: more than ever, our employees and our customers want to recognize themselves in strong values, linked to our “raison d’être”, which is to build sustainable relationship and well-being. We as HR must have a global approach that allows consistency between the promise and the reality, between what we live on a day-to-day basis and what we communicate through employer branding for example. This means being very clear about our values, and transparent about how we manage teams and individual career opportunities.” complete Uwe Becker, Head of the resort Corporate Office in Germany.

“Moreover, attractivity requires a strong attention to individual development – through training, coaching, mobility and promotion – but also to work-life balance which has become a central issue for the younger generations, as well as our ability as a company to promote inclusion and diverse teams. It is up to us to offer targeted personal development measures and move forward together with respect to the other topics.” concludes Shahrzad Dijoor, Head of the department Personnel Development and Recruiting.