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Snam: new headquarter in Milan in Symbiosis district, Covivio’s urban regeneration project at south of Porta Romana


A space designed to put people at the centre and respond to the new ways of working, in a dialogue with city and nature

Since 2024, the new building will host approximately 1,000 employees of the Milan area.

A new reference partner for Covivio which reinforces the attractiveness of Symbiosis district


Covivio announces the signing of an agreement with Snam, the leading Italian natural gas transmission company, for the sale of a building located in Milan. Currently under construction, the building will house the company’s headquarters when it is completed in early 2024.

The new building, which will be developed by Covivio in the Symbiosis district, has been designed putting people and new ways of working at its heart. With a large amount of green space and perfectly integrated into its surroundings, it will actively contribute to the urban regeneration of the southern area of Porta Romana. Consistent with Snam’s purpose of contributing to the energy transition and the sustainable development objectives of Covivio, the project adopts an innovative approach to respond to some of the main environmental challenges of our time, such as reducing CO₂ emissions, improving air quality and making cities more livable.

Snam has chosen to join the new Symbiosis business district, where several leading Italian and international companies are already located. Symbiosis is an innovative and sustainable urban regeneration project, developed by Covivio, with zero local emissions and a daily operation that relies mainly on the use of renewable energy.

The decision to build a new headquarter has two objectives: on one side, to optimize Snam’s real estate presence in the area, which has grown over time along with the company’s development and is now distributed over five different sites in San Donato Milanese and Milan, embracing approximately 1,000 people; on the other hand, to have a modern building adapted to the new ways of working, more flexible, conducive to exchanges, service-oriented, while being connected to the district and the region.

An illustration of the Office of tomorrow

Designed by Piuarch – a Milan-based architectural firm that has always been attentive to the values of environmental quality – the building will have a total surface of approximately 19,000 m² and will consist of three overlapping volumes divided into 14 floors. The building provides a variety of spaces: in addition to flexible and efficient offices, it will embrace various inclusive spaces dedicated to social interaction between people. The alternation of working environments with spaces dedicated to collaboration, creativity and innovation will also be flanked by services that will help to ensure high levels of wellbeing for users.

A new benchmark in sustainable real estate

One of the particularities of the project will be to propose a continuity between the exterior and interior green spaces, starting with a green roof and the presence of a greenhouse on the seventh and eighth floors, which will promote air quality in the working environment. Outdoor, a park of over 8,500 m² will be created with an open-air green theatre, which will also be open to the public for outdoor educational activities and events. A landscape with a recognizable, innovative design and at the same time totally respectful of the environment.

Designed according to the highest standards of sustainability and comfort, the building will achieve the most important certifications in terms of energy efficiency (LEED & WELL not below Gold, BRAVE, CENED e Casaclima). This project reflects Covivio’s CSR commitments and its vision of tomorrow’s real estate, which the group is also deploying in all its urban regeneration projects, including the Vitae and Scalo di Porta Romana operations located near Symbiosis.

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