Building the smart building

Smart building by Covivio

Covivio has a dedicated smart building team that develops buildings around a “smart spine”. Its vocation is to offer occupants optimal connectivity and a range of tailor-made services providing a seamless, digitally enhanced user experience. Designed to be both flexible and scalable, Covivio buildings meet today’s needs while adapting to tomorrow’s innovations.

Building the smart buildings of tomorrow

The smart building is a building in which technology enriches the user experience, optimises technical management and minimises environmental impact. These smart buildings are aligned with the issues of well-being, safety and energy performance, incorporating digital systems designed to achieve efficient energy consumption and increased comfort for occupants.

For several years Covivio has been developing its smart building expertise and designing “smart ready” buildings offering maximum comfort for occupants. Covivio smart buildings perform detailed data analysis for simplified and optimised daily management of the building, as well as an IT service offering and a wide range of tailor-made ancillary services.

Controlling energy consumption

The smart building adapts to occupants’ habits thanks to automated systems that adjust the lighting, temperature and air quality in real time, depending on human presence and prevailing weather conditions.

Integrated systems collect data on an ongoing basis, thereby helping to optimise energy management. These initiatives reduce costs and limit environmental impact, going beyond mere energy-saving to include the judicious management of resources such as water and waste.

Thanks to the monitoring system deployed with Delta Dore on around twenty of our buildings in France, Italy and Germany, energy consumption is reported in real time on the Powerbat platform. This innovation makes it possible to improve the management of facilities and control of buildings’ energy costs.

Improving indoor air quality

In partnership with key players such as EDF and Impulse Partners, Covivio has initiated the “Air Quality Challenge” aimed at improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) of buildings. This initiative is part of a global public health policy that recognises the importance of IAQ and its impact on occupants’ health.

To meet tightening standards and pressing health concerns, Covivio has launched a range of innovative solutions to monitor and improve IAQ. In France, after successful testing, Octopus Lab technology has been deployed in nine buildings, enabling real-time control of key indicators such as CO2 and fine particles. This proactive approach not only improves comfort but also helps control the energy costs associated with air ventilation and circulation.

In addition, we perform annual IAQ analyses on most of our buildings, focusing on microbiological and physical parameters such as VOCs and CO2, thereby guaranteeing a healthy environment for occupants.

In Italy, a one-year trial made it possible to assess IAQ at Covivio’s Milan headquarters, highlighting the Company’s commitment to providing healthy workspaces and living areas.

BIM, BOS, and more… new technology
to accelerate innovation

BIM, a digital twin for our most recent buildings

For several years now, Covivio has been using digital technology in the design and management of its portfolio. The use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology makes it possible to model all the technical data inherent in a building in order to optimise its management. Starting from the design phase, these BIM models, also known as “digital twins”, are being rolled out across all of our most recent buildings.

  • Improved design and management: BIM provides a detailed overview of a building, thereby facilitating coordination between project stakeholders and improving the decision-making process.
  • Optimisation of costs and lead times: BIM enables us to optimise construction lead times and resources, resulting in significant savings.
  • Efficient life cycle management: the BIM approach allows more precise and efficient management of buildings throughout their life cycle, ensuring optimal performance.

Stream Building was awarded the BIM d’Argent award in 2021.

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BOS, generating value added thanks to building data

The BOS (Building Operating System), often presented as an upgraded version of BIM, is in actual fact a key innovation in the world of smart buildings. The BOS may be described as a building’s “operating system”, capturing and analysing data in real time in order to enhance management and maintenance throughout the building’s life cycle.

  • Centralised database: the BOS is the driving force behind data strategy, collating and organising information from multiple sources, from the BIM digital model through user applications and IoT sensors to technical and maintenance management.
  • Continuous improvement: by qualifying, enriching and structuring this data, the BOS improves our overall understanding of the building and its operation.
  • Visibility and responsiveness: through various dashboards, the BOS offers an overview of occupancy, comfort, maintenance and energy consumption, generating real-time alerts and enabling optimised automation and management of the building.


Covivio offers its office clients an enhanced digital experience via a mobile application that brings together all the services provided in our buildings:

  • Space booking: simplify the organisation of your meetings and events through our online booking system.
  • Digital concierge service: access a range of personalised services to facilitate your daily life.
  • Information centre: get the latest news, find essential documents and follow incident reporting and management in real time.

Efficient monitoring by this app allows us to adapt quickly to our clients’ needs.

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Meeting rising demand for modular spaces

IoT, a lever for greater flexibility

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the cornerstone of the digital transformation, revolutionising the management and use of our real estate spaces. We use IoT to capture and analyse a huge volume of data in real time, which enables more precise monitoring and management of energy consumption and services in the smart building, thereby helping to meet new technological and environmental challenges.

So Pop: a so-flexible offering

Through a network of multi-purpose sensors, Covivio has designed an offering for the So Pop building that allows occupants to manage the areas they rent more efficiently.

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