Innovation & real estate

Innovating to create tomorrow's real estate

In a world facing environmental, digital and social challenges, Covivio has embedded a process of continuous innovation. We see innovation as the way to seize new opportunities, transform our business lines and design products that invent tomorrow’s real estate.

Smart building by Covivio

With a dedicated smart building team, Covivio develops buildings with a “smart backbone”. Its purpose? To provide occupants with optimal connectivity and a customized range of services, enabling a seamless digital experience between common areas and private spaces.

Open innovation

Covivio federates a wide ecosystem of external and internal players around its innovation strategy, to cross-fertilize its viewpoints and expertise.

Building differently for better performance

Going hand-in-hand with our CSR strategy are our priority areas for innovation, which test new solutions for materials, eco-design of buildings, energy management and the circular economy, all made possible by new technologies.

Innovating for an agile and connected customer experience

Whether through Wellio, its flexible office offering, or through its varied range of services including catering, well-being and mobility solutions, Covivio’s innovation is always practical, useful and tailored to clients’ needs.