Covivio Tracks is the Covivio podcast. Its mission: to meet the people who make real estate happen, whether they are industry professionals or end-users. Through their testimonials and stories, they share their views on major social and societal issues and their impact on real estate.

Residential: designing places to live together

Three years ago, the home in which we mainly spent our evenings and sometimes our weekends became our office, our gym, our restaurant and even our children's school. This has had the effect of changing the way we look at the place we thought we knew so well. How can we adapt to new housing needs? Are expectations the same whether you live in the heart of Berlin or in a French regional metropolis? Will the sharing of spaces and services develop?

Duration: 12 min

The Hotel, a personalized collective experience

To keep pace with a changing industry, hotels are developing new services outside the closed cocoon of the room: attractive bars and restaurants, coworking spaces, event organization... The possibilities for interaction are multiplying, and with them, the hotel clientele. What are the different collectives that form and meet in these new living spaces? How do today's and tomorrow's hotels revitalize the idea of collective experience?

Duration: 13 min

How can we work collectively at the office?

In 2020, when telecommuting became widespread, the world was wondering. What if, with the end of the office, the reign of telecommuting began? Yet, three years on, it's clear that employees have returned to the workplace. So what is it that makes people want to go to the office, to meet up in this shared space? How can we encourage the positive dynamics that are created when we pool our ideas and energy? How can we create an office that makes sense for a company, its employees and its environment?

Duration: 12 min

What is the collective?

The collective: a notion that has been put to the test in recent years, and which seems more essential than ever. But what is the collective? Are we doing things collectively in the same way as yesterday, and what do we expect from the experience of the collective today? 

Duration: 20 min