For Covivio, the office must be a desirable destination conducive to collective performance and constant transformation. We affirm this conviction in our office promise. And we reaffirm it in the tangible commitments we make to both decision-makers and end clients, the daily users of our buildings.

Location, location, location

To attract and retain talent, a central location is of the utmost importance. Popular locations are those with good public transport links, located in the midst of a bustling urban environment with restaurants, services, cultural offerings and a rich quality of life.

Apart from location, customisation is more than ever in demand. One possible solution: campuses located in the heart of major living and business areas that offer exceptional quality of life on site. Covivio is designing such projects in France, with Thales and Dassault Systèmes in the Vélizy-Meudon business district, but also for a number of top-tier companies in Milan, Italy.

Regenerating large areas such as Symbiosis or The Sign gives us the opportunity to create new districts and breathe new life into the city. International companies have chosen to locate their headquarters here, and Covivio is working with them to build new-generation offices that are tailor-made, flexible, sustainable and conducive to employee well-being.

Alexei Dal Pastro CEO Italy

Offices: multi-faceted spaces opening out to the surrounding city

With projects like Stream Building in Paris, Silex² in Lyon and Symbiosis in Milan, Covivio is creating places that are connected to the surrounding city, hybrid and flexible, where you can arrange space as you like and move seamlessly from a meeting room to an art exhibition, then to a communal vegetable garden and finally to the rooftop for a coffee.

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Designing tomorrow’s workspaces today

In line with the transformation of working practices, and therefore office use, we have radically changed the way we design spaces. Harnessing a range of expertise and services, we create customised, flexible, scalable workspaces for today and tomorrow.

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A comprehensive range of services

The services deployed in the buildings simplify occupants’ daily life and enhance their well-being and performance. When we design services for a building, we have two goals in mind: imagining them in accordance with the existing offer in the region, and designing them with the client in order to meet the real needs of their employees. And to achieve this, there is nothing better than “test & learn” mode, in which Covivio tests offers on its own teams before offering them to clients.

Health and well-being

For 81% of employees, well-being at work is of the utmost importance*. Covivio is aware of this expectation and has set up special services in all of its buildings dedicated to employee well-being and health.
*IFOP survey May 2020


99% of Covivio buildings are less than 5 minutes’ walk from public transport. By 2025, it will be 100%. This makes commuting easier for our end clients and reduces their carbon footprint.


Catering is a key feature of the workplace experience. We select and manage our service providers in accordance with the highest standards and the latest expectations.

Biodiversity & CSR

No CSR ambition is too strong. We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 2010. Our entire expertise and ecosystem of experts are geared towards achieving this goal.

Smart building

Being digital friendly for our clients is good, but providing them with IT consulting services is even better. And above all, it’s unique! From moving in to day-to-day management, client IT departments who require our help are supported by our teams.

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Operated office

Customisable and ready to use – the essence of the Covivio operated office concept.

Bureau flexible

Flexible office

Simply and effectively manage an increasingly multi-faceted real estate portfolio while offering technological solutions to support teams on the move.

Bureau meublé

Furnished office

A flexible range of sustainable office furniture for clients to choose from.