Transparent & ethical governance

Alongside the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, Covivio employs agile and multi-faceted CSR governance to enable the Group to effectively address the major environmental, social and societal challenges facing its business. It acts at all times in a spirit of transparency and cooperation with its various stakeholders.

Transparent Governance

Different parties and bodies within Covivio coordinate with each other to implement the sustainability strategy:

The CSR Committee

The CSR Committee is responsible for approving the Group’s CSR strategy and monitoring its implementation by ensuring consistency with Covivio’s purpose and stakeholder expectations. It liaises with the Audit Committee on CSR risk factors and with the Appointments and Remunerations Committee on identifying the relevant CSR criteria for executive remuneration.

Sustainable Development

The Sustainability Committee – formed of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer – is responsible for the operational rollout of the CSR policy, with the support of the Sustainability Department. The Chief Sustainability Officer monitors the progress of the CSR action plan, notes the measures to be taken to implement the strategy and relays these decisions to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

The Innovation & Transformation Committee

The Innovation & Transformation Committee shares innovation topics and approves some of the operational choices and tools, particularly in relation to sustainability, digital technology and services.

Green Committees

In each country, Green Committees raise the profile of the various issues, initiate concrete actions or pilot schemes, and record the results. To consolidate Covivio’s local presence, all its staff are involved in the process through awareness-raising and training activities, supported by a network of around 30 representatives within the Group.

Stakeholder Committee

Since 2020, a Stakeholder Committee, chaired by Bertrand de Feydeau, and the Covivio Corporate Foundation have extended the governance of CSR topics.

Ethical governance

Key figures


of women in European management bodies


employees trained on the principles of the Covivio Code of Ethics


data protection officers in Europe

Promoting fair and ethical practices

To prevent the risks of fraud and corruption, Covivio has put in place the appropriate actions and procedures in accordance with the regulations and the most recognised international standards in the sector.

Compliance policy

A key pillar of Covivio’s ethics and compliance policy is its Code of Ethics. This is aimed at all Group employees and lays down the following fundamental principles: compliance with

  • respect for laws and regulations;
  • respect for the environment and individuals;
  • protection of the company’s assets and transparency of disclosures;
  • protection of personal data.

To ensure that everyone complies with the Code of Ethics, awareness-raising sessions are held for all employees.

Any action contrary to the principles of the Code of Ethics can be reported via the whistleblowing system, which is anonymous, confidential and open to all Covivio stakeholders.

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