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Paris, Berlin, Milan... Offices, hotels, housing... Real estate, finance, business... At Covivio, we are plural. We manage our projects from A to Z with one goal: building sustainable relationships and well-being.

Covivio by Human Resources

Joining Covivio means joining a European team, a multidisciplinary team with convictions about how we can build the city of tomorrow. And it’s a company with a magnificent purpose: “Building sustainable relationships and well-being.”

Elsa Canetti
Human Resources Director, Covivio

our values

At Covivio we are


We value relationships, we consider the needs and challenges of our customers, we rely on the value of our people.


We anticipate changes in our business and the expectations and needs of our stakeholders and adapt accordingly.


We invest and commit ourselves on a daily basis, and over the long term, in all our projects and with all our stakeholders.


We adopt a posture of listening, sharing and co-construction, both internally and externally, to align interests.


We are a player of our time and we work to propose the best solutions.


We mobilise to deliver timely, effective and relevant projects in a climate of trust.

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At Covivio, we are looking for personalities. People who share our spirit and our values.

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Every day, we invent new ways of working, travelling and living. And we work alongside our customers at every stage of our joint projects: that is why our teams cover more than 30 different professions! Development, Asset Management, Customer Relations, Technical and Engineering, Finance, Legal…

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For over 20 years, Covivio has been helping to shape Europe's great cities, designing offices, hotels and housing for its clients to work, travel and live differently.


From conception to day-to-day management, we develop projects in consultation with all our stakeholders.

Experts views

Interviews, tribunes, articles: so many formats that allow us to discover the analyses of our experts and, more broadly, of the men and women who are thinking about and creating tomorrow's real estate today.