Operated office

Because your needs and organisation change, the office changes too. You are looking for greater simplicity, flexibility and performance in the design and management of your offices and services. You want your office to be customisable and ready to use. Covivio’s answer is the operated office.

The operated office: a customised, ready-to-use office

Building on its flexible Wellio offer, Covivio is converging its commercial lease and service contract offerings with a view to providing clients with customised solutions. This trend has a name: the “operated office”.

Covivio is the only operator able to support you, from upstream development to the deployment of personalised services in your spaces, thanks to its high-quality assets, dedicated teams and service excellence inspired by the hotel industry.

More central, more sophisticated, more flexible, offering added value in use, new services and more: today’s office needs better design and more intensive management. Clients are looking for fewer square metres but better square metres, and are willing to pay for it, because the office is taking on a new strategic role: it embodies the corporate culture, reinforces group dynamics and creativity and plays a key role in attracting talent. This has created a new kind of business, the office operator.

Olivier Estève
Deputy CEO, covivio

A solution that meets the challenges of all organisations

The operated office is a solution that can be tailored to every real estate need, from head office through mobile office to back office. It is a convenient “plug & play” approach that you can use however and whenever you want.

The Covivio operated office caters for small, medium-sized and large businesses. It meets the long-term or occasional needs of organisations looking to provide their teams with an unforgettable office experience. It allows companies to design offices that meet the major challenges of our time, such as sustainable development, health and well-being, within the framework of a lease and/or service agreement.

A single point of contact to conceive and design everything

Expressing and translating your work environment needs to build or refine your real estate vision, on the scale of one or several sites, customising your spaces and services in line with your corporate culture and values: Covivio will assist you and work with you to define custom solutions. Our team of experts is at your side, from the DUX-advisory unit to the operational service on site provided by dedicated teams.

Covivio takes care of everything for you, and our solutions, whether à la carte or all-inclusive, are tailored to your needs – nothing more and nothing less.

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The Covivio operated office

The 5 benefits of a Covivio operated office


  • Thanks to the strength of a real estate company, as both developer and manager, with a portfolio worth €24.8 Bn
  • With our expert real estate solutions teams


  • Covivio acts as your single consulting partner from design to operation: the guarantee of an optimal user experience

Customised support

  • Thanks to our ability to listen to clients and our knowledge of their challenges, we can provide customised, modular solutions
  • Through an à la carte support service, which can be activated at any stage of your real estate project, whatever the size

Overall savings

  • Time: we assist you and we take care of everything so that you can concentrate on what matters most: your business
  • Resources: without middlemen, everything is simpler


  • Your satisfaction: spaces and services that reflect your image, foster engagement, promote performance and enhance appeal
  • Satisfied employees: workspaces that are pleasant to be in, adapted to each daily task and a source of well-being

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