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General meetings

Below you will find information about the last General meetings of shareholders

Covivio stock market prices

The 22 mai 2024 at 17:36 (GTM +02:00)





3.30 €


Change of holder of registered securities accounts

Covivio has appointed Société Générale Securities Services as its new agent to ensure the administrative management of its register of registered shareholders, effective October 18, 2022, replacing BNP Paribas.

Fully registered or administered registered shareholders

In both cases, all you need to do is send your financial intermediary the form for transferring your shares, which can be downloaded here, who will then contact Société Générale Securities Services directly.

Société Générale Securities Services

32, rue du Champ de Tir – CS 30812
44308 Nantes Cedex 3 – France

Telephone: +33 (0)2 51 85 67 89 (not surcharged),
to access various information 24/7 and contact an advisor from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Paris time)

A registered share is one for which the owner is known in name by the issuer. Your identity is therefore registered in the company’s books (through our service provider: Société Générale Securities Services), the latter is therefore able to send directly to you various documents (Letter to the Shareholders, etc.) and calls to Meetings of Shareholders.

Administered registered

You are registered in both the company’s books and in the account held by the financial intermediary of your choice to whom you issue buy and sell orders.

Pure registered shares

You are only registered in the company’s books (Société Générale Securities Services) which provides the necessary administrative management of your shares free-of-charge. This method offers the following advantages:

The guarantee of personalised information with direct access to the Société Générale Securities Department

A website dedicated to managing your account:

No management fees (custody fees) as they are paid by Covivio

No VAT on brokerage fees

No bank commission

Trading fees

  • If the order is placed on the Internet: 0.30% of the gross amount of the sale with a minimum of €12.
  • If the order is placed by fax, telephone or mail: 0.40% of the gross amount of the sale with a minimum of €20.

Contact Us

Covivio – Shareholders Relations Service 

10, rue de madrid
75008 Paris, France

Tél : 0805 400 865 (free call from a landline)
Mail :