Workplace management

A destination undergoing a facelift

Today, the office is a social platform for building team spirit and company culture, a core feature in terms of management, employee well-being and attracting talent. Being at the office is no longer just like being at home… the office offers much more than that! The office is a place that must encourage innovation and interaction and offer modular, convertible communal spaces designed for meeting and sharing.

Mixed and evolving environments

At ICON, a Covivio-owned building in Düsseldorf, tenants can benefit from the new modular space concept known as “BU”, which includes freely configurable work areas, high-quality design and sustainable materials. Tenants will be able to entrust Covivio with the entire furnishing of their space, from layout to furnishings.

Our position as an integrated European operator, from construction to the creation of services and the day-to-day management of our buildings, puts us in a class of our own. As a player capable of anticipating change and offering flexible solutions. Our customers also appreciate our two-pronged approach: high standards at European level, combined with a local presence and a tailor-made approach deployed by our local teams

Francesca Vagliani
Co-Director of Development, Covivio (Italy)

Rethinking workspace design

With the transformation of the way people work and, therefore, the way they use offices, the way we design spaces has changed. We focus on flexibility and convertibility. We no longer think in terms of communal areas, but collective spaces with multiple functions. We no longer think in terms of open plan, but modular platforms that can be adapted throughout the day to accommodate all forms of work organisation. And we deploy a design thinking approach at every stage of the process.

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Wellio: our complete range of flexible workspaces

Born from Covivio’s expertise in the office and hotel sector, Wellio seeks to provide clients with custom-designed high-end spaces and services. Whether private offices or event and meeting spaces, Wellio combines the best of coworking (flexibility, experience, inspiration, freedom, community, interaction, etc.) with flexible workspaces that can be tailored to your needs, work aspirations and business priorities. Since 2017, no less than 10 sites have been created in France and Italy (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon, Milan). Located in Covivio buildings and managed by our teams, our 10 Wellio spaces can accommodate up to 4,000 people.

Optimising and adapting your working environment

Covivio operated office

A customised and plug & play solution: that’s the basis of Covivio operated office concept.
Building on its flexible Wellio offer, Covivio is converging its commercial lease and service contract offerings with a view to providing clients with bespoke solutions. This trend has a name: the operated office.

The flexible office

In the office 3 days a week, in your living room or in a coworking space the rest of the time: the work environment has become multiple and flexible. To respond to this transformation of work and therefore of the office, Covivio is pushing the flexibility envelope, allowing its customers to manage their entire real estate portfolio simply and efficiently, for example by combining a commercial lease with a flexible contract, or by proposing technological solutions to adapt its locations and support the nomadic nature of their teams.

Furnished office offer: for durable and flexible office furniture

Aware of the impact of its activity on the environment, Covivio intends to align its ambitions with those of its customers. Office furniture and its management are one of the levers to be activated to reduce the carbon footprint of companies. This is why Covivio structures its approach in this area around two axes: sourcing responsible furniture and the virtuous circle of rental.