Sustainable & inclusive city

For a sustainable and inclusive city

To meet the challenges of climate, the environment and society, Covivio is committed to ensuring that its development and assets fit in sustainably with the areas in which they are located, and that they meet key challenges in terms of transport, energy, communication networks, biodiversity,...

Sustainable city

A strong local ethic

As an ethical company, Covivio has been assessing the socio-economic impact of its France Offices and Italy Offices business since 2014 and 2016 respectively. In 2018, this study was extended to hotels in Europe and Germany: Covivio has thus helped to support 15,100 full-time jobs.


direct jobs SUPPORTED


supported jobs along the supply chain


supported jobs thanks to household’s consumption


supported jobs through expenses to public administration

A responsible supply chain

Covivio was one of the first real estate companies in Europe to adopt a responsible purchasing policy. Deployed in 2011 and regularly improved, the policy is now based on three tools.

Responsible Purchasing Charter

Covivio’s Responsible Purchasing Charter aims to combat corruption, money laundering, anti-competitive practices and poor environmental and social practices.
Structured around 11 themes, it promotes the 10 principles of the Global Compact, as well as the principles of the Diversity Charter, the International Labor Organization and the Covivio Ethics Charter.

Questionnaire on CSR and ethical practices of suppliers and consultants

Covivio was one of the first European real estate companies to set up a system for assessing its suppliers and consultants, back in 2011. In 2022, the Group decided to call on the expertise of an independent third party, EcoVadis, to extend the scope of assessments to include German and Italian suppliers.
The questionnaire covers 21 criteria, divided into 4 main themes: environment, social and human rights, ethics and responsible purchasing. The analysis and synthesis of the results are shared with the respondent, forming a network of rated suppliers.

CSR clauses in contracts

CSR clauses are included in contracts and specifications for maintenance and works contracts. They are also included in the general specifications for calls for tenders for our tertiary and residential developments. These clauses commit Covivio’s partners to a virtuous and continuous improvement approach.

Promoting biodiversity

A major challenge for the entire real estate chain and construction industry, biodiversity is an effective indicator of the Group’s CSR policy. It is why Covivio endeavours to make each of its sites a genuine lever for biodiversity. Aware of its responsibility and that of its sector in the erosion of biodiversity, Covivio has stepped up its reflection on this major issue in 2022, with the aim of formalizing a dedicated strategy in 2023.

Covivio has used various analyses to characterize its impacts:

Covivio joins the Act4nature International initiative

Launched in 2018 by the French non-profit organisation Entreprises pour l’Environnement, the Act4nature initiative seeks to engage with companies on the subject of their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies, identifying what actions they can take to protect nature. By joining the initiative, Covivio has subscribed to 10 general commitments, has set itself the specific targets recognised by Act4nature and has introduced new metrics: for example, measuring the impact of developments on biodiversity and the biodiversity net gain for 100% of its operations between now and the end of 2025.

Inclusive city

1 building, 1 piece of art: when art occupies real estate

Convinced that art contributes to the identity of a site and the construction of a common space, while energizing exchanges and creativity, in 2018 Covivio joined the “1 building, 1 piece of art” Charter, launched by the French Ministry of Culture. Its aim: to install art as close as possible to everyone, in private buildings.


our press kit dedicated to art in our buildings

When art becomes part of real estate

By introducing art into our buildings for the benefit of our users and of well living together, Covivio perfectly illustrates its positioning of a living real estate. We also want to make live these pieces of art outside the building in a logic of openness to the city.

Marielle Seegmuller
Operations director, covivio

Art and real estate, a value-creating association for Covivio

Team building – Vincent Breed
Architectural Evasion – Astro
Architectural Evasion – Astro
Expansion –
Stairway to Rise – Caroline Derveaux
Flower Tower – Julien Soone
Connectivity – Michael Zelehoski
Tangle Two – Flip Sellin
Parure Infinie – Jules Levasseur
Objet 10 – Hugo Servanin
Agapè – Sophie Bocher
Blue Cumulus – SOFTlab
Altra Natura – Pamela Diamante
L’Enigma della Giostra – bn+BRINANOVARA
Modulation – Pablo Valbuena

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Sustainable building

The eco-construction of ever more virtuous and efficient buildings, capable of meeting the climate challenge.