Flexible office

Bureau flexible

With Covivio, companies can access a wide range of spaces and offers from a few square metres to tens of thousands, from a single workstation to several thousand. For any lease term they want, from a few months to decades, as a commercial lease, service agreement or both.

Wellio: our complete range of flexible workspace

Born from Covivio’s expertise in the office and hotel sector, Wellio seeks to provide clients with custom-designed high-end spaces and services. Whether private offices or event and meeting spaces, Wellio combines the best of co-working (flexibility, experience, inspiration, freedom, community, interaction, etc.) with flexible workspaces that can be tailored to your needs, work aspirations and business priorities. Since 2017, 10 sites have been created in France and Italy (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon, Milan). Located in Covivio buildings and managed by our teams, our 10 Wellio spaces can accommodate up to 4,000 people.

So Pop and its sensors

So Pop, a flexible building designed to cater for all occupants. Delivered in 2022, So Pop covers 32,000 m² on seven storeys offering an ever-changing interior. The exhibition unit is an exceptional showcase for artistic expression. Its modular spaces and furnishings have been designed to offer future occupants a flexible environment that changes to suit their wishes. What makes it so special is that occupancy sensors track usage and allow companies to expand or shrink their floor space in the months following the signing of the lease.

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So Pop


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The Nomad Pass: a simple way to manage employee mobility

Covivio has partnered with Neo-Nomade, France’s leading co-working reservation and management platform, to create the Nomad Pass. An initiative that is also inspiring our offers in Germany and Italy.

The bonus

Personalised advice and support

Advice from Covivio on tailoring your real estate holdings and managing your teams on the move. Support from the Neo-Nomade teams to find an effective response to your employees’ needs.

A network of tailor-made co-working spaces

Create an à la carte network from 1,300 co-working spaces in France to meet the needs of your company: office type, location, budget, etc.

Simple and transparent management

Centralise and effectively manage all your flexible property requirements using a tailor-made digital platform. Access to a dashboard for booking management and real-time budgeting. Billing based on actual use.

The Nomad Pass gives you access to all Wellio spaces in France

You can also integrate some of your sites on the platform (“corpoworking”, visitor space at your headquarters, etc.).

Offer employees a whole range of alternative home working options

And allow them to quickly book working or meeting spaces on demand, by the hour or the day.

As workspaces have become mixed – office, home, third spaces – organisations can now access a hybrid flexible stock of real estate that works for their teams on the move. We share an ambition with Neo-Nomade: to support employees’ mobility and create specific responses tailored to the new office paradigm. We came up with the Nomad Pass to allow teams to easily book working or meeting spaces in sites previously selected by their company.

Céline Leonardi
Commercialisation and Design UX Director, Covivio, Wellio Director

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Operated office

Customisable and ready to use – the essence of the Covivio operated office concept.

Bureau meublé

Furnished office

A flexible range of sustainable office furniture for clients to choose from.