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With art, buildings to live in and visit

Convinced that art contributes to the identity of a site and the construction of a common space, while stimulating exchanges and creativity, Covivio joined in 2017 the “1 building, 1 piece of art” program, launched in 2015 by the ministry of Culture.

Art has become an obvious choice for Covivio, which adopts a European and committed group-level approach to:

  • Develop a strong marker on Covivio assets
  • Facilitate the meeting between art and the users of the city
  • Create unifying common spaces.

Art and
respect of environment

Covivio encourages the emergence of artists who will make the art of tomorrow and who respect environment in their creative process. The group deploys the approach in buildings owned by Covivio, new or renovated, whether offices, hotels or residential, in France, Italy and Germany.

Art and real estate, a value-creating association for Covivio