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Covivio unveils its CARE Program

A series of measures to ensure the safe and healthy use of its workspaces

Actions deployed in Covivio office buildings and Wellio pro-working spaces


In the spring of 2020, Covivio launched its CARE Program to ensure its clients’ safety, health and well-being. Strengthened communication, adaptation of reception systems, services, flow management,… are a few of the measures deployed and certified with the support of expert partners.

The well-being and safety of its clients is at the centre of Covivio’s concerns. As a result, since the beginning of the health crisis in March 2020, the group has implemented highly strict procedures and protocols within its buildings in accordance with government recommendations. Furthermore, Covivio called on external, specialised and recognised organisations to audit, approve and certify these systems.

These actions have enabled the Covivio buildings and Wellio spaces to welcome clients and their teams who wish to and/or need to continue to come on site.“Our CARE Program is a structuring approach that reinforces our convictions about the office of tomorrow, which will be flexible, connected, service-oriented, conducive to well-being and open to the city. The attention paid to this Care dimension is increasingly fundamental today, particularly with a view to an efficient and serene return to the office.” Marielle Seegmuller, Operations Director, Covivio.

The CARE Program, an alliance with expert partners

Several key players have helped Covivio implement these new measures in its buildings and pro-working spaces, including:

  • Compliance audit of 10 buildings and validation of the Covivio sanitary guide by Bureau Veritas

    Covivio asked Bureau Veritas to validate its Offices sanitary protocol applicable to the entire multi-tenant portfolio and aimed at implementing strict sanitary measures. Bureau Veritas provided its insight and expertise in order to supplement the measures already identified and deployed by Covivio. Bureau Veritas also verified the proper application of the sanitary guidelines on site. 10 buildings were audited and brought into compliance in December 2020.

  • Consulting, deployment and certification of the Wellio sanitary protocol by SPRIM

    This firm of experts in health crisis prevention and management, recognised in the field for 30 years, has been advising Wellio since March 2020. In collaboration with a hygiene expert and a professor of infectious diseases, SPRIM’s scientific directors advised on and approved the procedures deployed in the Wellio spaces.

    The Wellio prevention plan, which lists the entire sanitary protocol, has thus been labelled “procedures approved by independent infectious disease specialists”. It now applies to the six existing Wellio spots in France, each of which has been audited to verify due implementation of the protocol. This protocol will be applied to future Wellio spots in France, such as the Lyon-Part Dieu location.

  • Diagnosis of the quality of life within the Wellio spaces with an exclusive collaboration between SPRIM and Kandu

    Wellio wanted to go further by commissioning these two partners from January 2021 for a diagnosis of overall performance on the well-being conferred by Wellio spaces to its clients, in connection with the promise of the network to offer professional spaces.

    Kandu, a structure created by Saint-Gobain, has installed “Kandumeters” in certain workspaces, connected objects that measure precise data on acoustics, luminosity, air quality and temperature. The first part of the diagnosis was carried out in January 2021 (unoccupied site). The second part, in an occupied site, will take place as soon as the clients return to the site.

    SPRIM conducted a scientific audit on the materials and technologies used for furniture, ergonomics, partitions and space coverings.

    Finally, to complete the measures, Wellio will survey its clients to get their feedback on the comfort level of the spaces. This complete diagnosis will allow the group to implement corrective measures and adaptations of the sites already opened and those to come.

“The crisis has raised new expectations on the part of investors and users, particularly with regard to health risks. Bureau Veritas is working with Covivio to manage its risks and approve the design of new office spaces suited to the New Normal period. We are proud to work alongside this leading operator in the office real estate industry.” David Carle, CEO Bureau Veritas Exploitation.

“We are delighted to be working with Wellio on the Care approach, which echoes our philosophy and expertise: a promise to ensure the comfort, well-being and health of users.” Clara Getzel, CEO Kandu.

Finally, as previously announced, in June 2020 alongside EDF and Impulse Partners, Covivio launched the Air Quality Challenge, a European call for projects to identify and test new innovative solutions to improve indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption in buildings. Read the latest press release here.

Actions that embody the Covivio Clients Culture

The CARE Program is part of Covivio’s client-focused strategy based on 5 pillars: client experience, services, well-being, digital technology and ongoing adaptation.

In addition to the sanitary aspect, the CARE approach includes a service component and an increasing focus on clients relations: the sanitary quality and comfort of spaces have become essential choice criteria for companies and their employees when it comes to their workplace.

Meanwhile, Covivio conducted a client satisfaction survey in December 2020 to find out clients’ level of satisfaction and expectations regarding the measures put in place. The survey revealed that “93% of clients questioned were satisfied with the availability of Covivio teams and the appropriateness of the measures deployed in the buildings’ shared areas”.

“Even before the March 2020 lockdown, Covivio implemented appropriate sanitarymeasures and maintained seamless and clear communication with its clients throughout the crisis, in order to reassure French Institute staff.Clément Bodeur-Crémieux, General Secretary of Institut Français, a Covivio client since 2011 and occupier of the Carré Suffren building, Paris 15th arrondissement.

Press release:

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