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Make open innovation everyone's business

Innovation - integral to the Company's culture - is at the heart of our businesses. A number of internal initiatives have been developed to spread innovation to all our employees and stimulate creativity on all sides.

A few examples of open innovation in-house:

Fonciere des regions

The "Adopt1startup" challenge, to integrate start-ups into the day-to-day life of our offices: start-ups come and pitch at Covivio's main locations, and the group's teams assess and select the start-ups, with which the group then tests new services.

Fonciere des regions

The "1,001 Ideas" project, a European digital platform created to harvest ideas from all employees on various topics: this platform was accessible for two months and harvested several hundred ideas. The most innovative and relevant of these ideas will be implemented.

Fonciere des regions

The "Ctrl+Alt+Desk" Hackathon organised in partnership with Orange and IBM: on the theme of workspace, external partners and Covivio employees reimagined office space, bringing out innovative ideas and designs.

Making innovation a collective project

Innovation is also and above all about sharing. That is why Covivio brings together a large ecosystem of internal and external contributors in line with its innovation strategy, so as to share different insights and knowledge.

Connecting with European innovation ecosystems

  • Our innovation strategy is part of an open ecosystem. In Europe, Covivio works with specialist bodies to identify, analyse and implement new initiatives:
    • in France, with Impulse Partners, an innovation acceleration specialist operating in the construction, infrastructure, urban and energy sectors;
    • in Germany, with investment fund PropTech1, which specialises in innovative real estate projects;
    • in Italy, with university research institute Politecnico di Milano, specialising in urban planning and developing the city of tomorrow.

Co-creating with our clients

In collaboration with its clients and with a view to better meeting their needs, Covivio works to develop specific innovation initiatives designed to extend its range of solutions.


The “Air Quality Challenge” by Covivio & EDF

For the purposes of identifying and exploring new and innovative solutions intended to effectively improve indoor air quality whilst reducing energy consumption, Covivio and the EDF R&D team launched a European call for projects in 2020, entitled the “Air Quality Challenge”. This initiative was developed with the help of Impulse Partners, already a partner of both operators.



The Covivio Hackathon

The “Ctrl+Alt+Desk” Hackathon, held in partnership with Orange and IBM, had over one hundred participants. Based on the theme of workspaces, external parties and Covivio staff have redesigned the office space, coming up with new ideas and innovative concepts.



Innovating with the Covivio teams

Promoting an in-house innovation culture is one of the levers for creating value within the Covivio teams. It encourages the sharing of ideas and new solutions which can help to improve how the company operates or develop new offerings.

The participative innovation scheme 1001 idées [“1001 ideas”] attracted 500 in-house proposals and suggestions. Many of these were quickly implemented and others are in the pipeline.