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Foundation and Stakeholders Committee

In 2019, Covivio expresses its Raison d'être and announces its intention to set up two new bodies focused on its stakeholders and the community at large: the Covivio Foundation and a Stakeholders Committee.

Foundation: taking part in the life of the city

Equal opportunities and preservation of the environment

Covivio created its Foundation in 2020. Its mission is to structure and strengthen our actions around two of the group’s historical pillars:

– Equal opportunities, and in particular access to education and training, work, housing and assistance with the integration of vulnerable populations

– The preservation of the environment, whether in terms of biodiversity, waste reduction and treatment, the circular economy, solidarity farm projects, etc.

The board of the fondation

The Board of the Foundation, which supports projects in France, Italy, and Germany, has 3 external qualified personalities and 5 internal members representing our different countries. It meets 2 to 3 times a year to define the roadmap, the budget, and the timetable, and to validate the projects to be supported.

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A local anchorage, a collective approach

To ensure strong local roots and involve its teams in the approach, Covivio has set up local committees in France, Italy, and Germany responsible for identifying projects to be supported and presenting them to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. In addition, each year, all Covivio employees can devote 8 hours of their working time to an association of their choice to support its actions: this is the Socovivio programme.

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Crossing our stakeholders’ viewpoints to challenge each other

Associating partners and customers to go further

Covivio also has a Stakeholders Committee. Its missions? To monitor, challenge and renew the commitments made when we expressed our Raison d’Être, and to carry out long-term reflection on the future challenges facing Covivio and how they can be taken into account in the strategy. The Committee’s work will be the subject of regular communication.

This Committee, which will evolve over time, includes the following members in particular: