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April 29, 2024

Keen to meet its clients’ needs by providing innovative and tailored offers and solutions, Covivio has commissioned the Kingsley Institute, a Grace Hill group company and leader in analysing companies’ customer satisfaction, to measure and compare the customer satisfaction level regarding its multi-let office buildings in France, Italy and Germany. Results have improved since the last survey in 2022, outperforming the sector benchmark with an overall satisfaction rating of 3.9/5 (vs Kingsley Index of 3.6).

As a company focused on quality services and relationships, reliability, listening and responsiveness, customer culture is in Covivio’s DNA. We are therefore eager to regularly survey our clients in order to continuously improve their well-being and satisfaction through comfort-oriented spaces and services. These latest results confirm the appropriateness of our initiatives and encourage us to pursue our commitments to ensure high quality customer relationships.

Operations Director, covivio

The Kingsley Index, a benchmark in satisfaction data analysis in the real estate sector

After an initial survey in 2022, Covivio has once again commissioned the Kingsley Institute to assess the satisfaction level among its office clients in France, Italy and Germany based on the Kingsley Index, which has become the real estate sector’s benchmark for measuring user satisfaction.
The survey was conducted at the end of 2023 among 248 Covivio and Wellio clients.

Green light across all satisfaction indicators

The 2023 survey reveals that all the indicators analysed, i.e. overall satisfaction, quality of building and facility management, and contract renewal intentions, have outperformed the Kingsley Index.
Overall customer satisfaction reached 3.9/5 (vs 3.8 in 2022 and 3.6 for the Kingsley Index). This rating was mainly bolstered by the quality of the property management teams (4 vs Kingsley Index of 3.5) and facility management (3.6 vs Kingsley Index of 3.5). 67% of clients were also satisfied with the Group’s commitments in terms of CSR (vs 46% for the Kingsley Index).
The indicator for renewal intentions also scored higher than the benchmark: 3.9 vs 3.8, mainly thanks to location quality (rated at 94% by the clients surveyed) and building quality, rated at 90%.

These improved results should be put into perspective by comparing them to the declining Kingsley Index. It is interesting to note that, between 2022 and 2023, the results for Covivio and Wellio either remained stable or improved, whereas the Kingsley Index benchmark fell. In an environment where user standards are becoming increasingly exacting, Covivio is increasingly able to meet these expectations

Lorenzo d’Ercole, Asset Management director Italy, Covivio

Lastly, Covivio and Wellio buildings stand out from the Kingsley Index thanks to their offering of meeting rooms and event spaces, which scored a satisfaction rating of 3.5 (vs Kingsley Index of 2.6), and the collective and collaborative spaces available in the buildings’ shared areas (score of 3.4 vs Kingsley Index of 2.7).

Several Covivio and Wellio buildings among the winners of the 2023 Kingsley Excellence Awards

The Kingsley Excellence Awards recognise properties that achieve the highest satisfaction scores. This year, 36 of the Group’s buildings received awards for their outstanding performances, including:

  • In France, CB21 – Paris La Défense, Cité Numérique – Bordeaux, Wellio Gare de Lyon – Paris 12th arrondissement, IRO – Châtillon, Wellio Marseille La Joliette, Silex1 and Silex² – Lyon Part-Dieu, So Pop – Saint-Ouen, and Stream Building – Paris 17th arrondissement,
  • In Italy, Wellio Dante, Wellio Duomo, Symbiosis, Via Amedei and Via Cornaggia – all in Milan,
  • In Germany, ICON – Düsseldorf and Quartier am Zeughaus – Hamburg.


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