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Covivio develops, modernises, manages and enhances the value of housing that suits families, couples and different generations... in Germany's most attractive cities, this is Covivio's daily business. We are also active in France in the residential sector with several operations to convert offices into housing.

A residential activity undergoing changes

Meeting the need for housing in Germany

Owner of 41,200 homes valued at €8.1 bn in Germany, Covivio is active in the most dynamic cities such as Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig and the Ruhr region. To contribute to the construction of new homes in these undersupplied markets, notably Berlin, Covivio plans to build 2,600 housing units in the next few years. Most of these projects are being carried out on land and buildings that are already part of the portfolio, as is the case in Berlin Biesdorf, with the construction of 106 new flats.

Transformation of offices into housing

Covivio is stepping up the pace in France on the conversion of offices into housing. In the heart of cities, close to transport and shops, while taking advantage of green spaces, this is where residential real estate takes on its full meaning. We have identified 150,000 sqm of potential projects in Greater Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes and Nice. Our objective? To transform office buildings owned by Covivio that have become obsolete into multi-use housing. Imagining and designing the housing of tomorrow, a major challenge in these markets where residential demand is strong.

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Customer focus and housing with services

Committed and close to our customers

Suitable for all client’s profiles, Covivio homes in Germany are managed by the group’s teams who ensure customer satisfaction, in particular thanks to the Covivio#home application accessible to all tenants. Two awards confirmed Covivio’s commitment and customer culture: we were named “Fairest Landlord” in the Germany 2022 edition of the Focus Money Survey (business magazine). Following a two-year audit and analysis process, Covivio also became the first real estate company in Germany to obtain HQE Exploitation certification for its entire portfolio in 2020.

Changes in uses and coliving

Well-being, mixed-use and sharing approach also apply to the residential sector. Covivio is in direct contact with the new expectations of its customers and is testing new uses, such as intergenerational housing, senior residences and shared vegetable gardens in Bordeaux in a 46,500 sqm programme, and coliving in Berlin. For professionals on the move, students or short-term expatriates, coliving is a new way to live and experience the city: in a central and lively neighbourhood, you rent a private room in a fully-equipped flat where you share common areas with other residents. Not forgetting the services at your disposal (wifi, concierge, laundry…).