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Making innovation a collective project

Innovation is also, and above all, about sharing. This is why Covivio federates around its innovation strategy a large ecosystem of both external and internal stakeholders, in order to cross the views and expertise. The aim is to propose an innovation strategy based on sharing and collaboration.

our potential
for innovation

We stimulate creativity to enrich our continuous innovation strategy, drawing on a deep ecosystem fed by dynamic open innovation focused on start-ups, incubators and partner companies.

Innovating together on low carbon issues

Covivio working
with Sekoya, carbon
and climate innovation

o support our action on carbon impacts, Covivio has struck up a partnership with Sekoya, an innovation platform working on low-carbon issues. The thirty partners involved in the process – large companies, SMEs, laboratories, start-ups – identify innovative solutions in the field of managing carbon emissions

Draw on a start-up ecosystem to propose new products and services

In France, Germany and Italy, Covivio has forged some forty partnerships with a range of start-ups in many fields of expertise

Charging points for electric vehicles

Wirelane, Charge IT

Automated access to buildings

Kiwi, Better Bell

Building renovation using recycled paint

Indoor air quality

Digital building design

Resolving Building 360.

New catering offers

Creating and innovating hand-in-hand with clients

“Air Quality Challenge”
by Covivio & EDF

To identify and test innovative solutions for improving indoor air quality while cutting energy consumption, in 2020 Covivio and EDF R&D launched the European “Air Quality Challenge” call for projects. This initiative is being run with support from Impulse Partners, an existing partner of both operators.

Discover the Air Quality Challenge project in video

At Covivio,
innovation is
for everyone

Innovation is a collective process. This is why Covivio involves all its employees and runs initiatives that mix people together and blend expertise.

Innovating with employees

“Adopt1startup” challenge

“Adopt1startup” challenge

embedding start-ups in the day-to-day work of our business through continuous sourcing.

“1001 Ideas”

“1001 Ideas”

European digital platform created to gather ideas from all employees on a range of themes.

“Ctrl+Alt+Desk” Hackathon

“Ctrl+Alt+Desk” Hackathon

organised in partnership with Orange and IBM. On the theme of space and work, external contributors and Covivio employees have rethought the office by developing innovative ideas and concepts.