“Air Quality Challenge”: Covivio, EDF and Impulse Partners announce the laureates of the European call for projects


What are the innovative solutions to improve indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption of buildings?


Indoor air quality is a public health and well-being issue which is especially important today given the current health context. In June, long-term real estate partners Covivio and EDF joined forces with innovation specialist Impulse Partners to launch the European call for projects “Air Quality Challenge”, aimed at start-ups, SMEs and large companies that offer new and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of indoor air quality and energy efficiency. After 4 months of consultation, Covivio and EDF unveil the winning solutions.

A European initiative for future testing on the Covivio and EDF real estate portfolios

Around 70 applications from 10 different countries were submitted to the website www.airqualitychallenge.com and scrutinised by Covivio and EDF. After analysis,9 finalists were selected and interviewed by a panel of experts in innovation, R&D, real estate and air quality.

After evaluating the proposed solutions on the basis of criteria related to the improvement of indoor air quality and energy efficiency, Covivio and EDF selected the following companies: OCTOPUS LAB and ENERBRAIN.

About the winning companies


Date created: 2017

Solution: Octopus Lab develops INDALO Supervision, a software as a service providing indoor air quality forecasts and avoiding pollution peaks while managing the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) systems to guarantee indoor air quality and optimize energy savings. This solution is powered by an exclusive indoor air chemistry model coming from academic research and IA-based algorithms treating real time data from the buildings. Depending on indoor and outdoor air forecasts, INDALO Supervision controls the HVAC systems to guarantee an air renewal maximizing occupant’s health, comfort and energy savings.


Date created: 2014

Solution: Enerbrain was founded to reduce carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption and deliver better air quality and comfort to people in buildings. Enerbrain achieves this by providing optimised control for heating, cooling, and ventilation thanks to the use of advanced artificial intelligence. This solution also offers a system integration service that allows business insight, supports better-informed decision making and lower operational costs. The fields of application are vast: offices, schools, airports, shopping centers, industries or production plants.

These innovative solutions are due to be trialled on buildings in the Covivio and EDF portfolios in 2021.


“The results of this call for projects confirm that indoor air quality is of real concern to businesses and that innovative solutions exist or are being developed by numerous companies. The next step for Covivio is to trial these projects across our portfolio with a view to improving the comfort and well-being of our clients, as well as the overall environmental performance of our buildings. Marielle Seegmuller, Operations Director Covivio.

“Innovation and sustainability are more closely linked than ever, enabling new ideas and concrete solutions to be found that address both issues of occupant well-being and building energy performance. The number of applications received on the important subject of indoor air quality shows just how relevant the Air Quality Challenge is.” Philippe Boyer and Jean-Eric Fournier, Director of Innovation and Director of Sustainability Development Covivio.

“The first environmental regulation for new buildings will shortly come into force in France. This will target carbon neutrality and make buildings an integral part of the energy transition. It will mean that buildings are more comfortable, but it is up to us – as project owners, companies and start-ups – to make them healthier by fostering effective solutions. We’re delighted to have launched this challenge with a leading actor like Covivio and with the support of Impulse Partners and more importantly, to have received so many responses. I’m confident that the pilot sites will underscore the importance of tackling air quality and that innovative solutions exist to protect the health of our fellow citizens.” Didier Roustan, Head of the Trading and Services Programme at EDF’s R&D division.

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