Covivio is ramping up its digital transformation

Covivio, a European real estate operator, has launched its digital transformation, the fruit of a collaborative reflection. It will be a 3-year digital metamorphosis centred on clients satisfaction, asset performance and pooling of internal European expertise in mind.

Along-term transformation based on three main lever

Paying close attention to changes in lifestyle and work, Covivio is delivering its digital transformation with the aim of:

  • offering customer satisfaction with a revamped user experience across the three sectors in which it operates – offices, hotels and residential;
  • adapting its offerings and properties to tomorrow’s challenges;
  • and finally, strengthening links between its European teams so as to pool expertise and processes.

With the support of Capgemini Invent, Covivio has launched its first tangible projects as well as a change management approach to support teams effectively through these changes. A long-term digital transformation looking ahead to 2022.

Building as a Service: a strategy based on the centralisation of services

As one of the strong levers of this transformation, Covivio is focusing on the services offered within its properties. Covivio has joined forces with the start-up MonBuilding to design a solution for centralising all services offered within its offices buildings in a mobile application accessible to all occupants, thus digitalising the customer experience.

Launched in 2016, MonBuilding reinvents user experiences in the workplace by offering centralised access to all services available in their building (booking workspaces, concierge service, marketplace, printing management, etc.) and improved information flows (news, useful documents, incident reporting and tracking).

Core properties, and all Wellio pro-working spaces, will be linked to the app by 2022. Among the first properties to offer this app are the five Wellio spaces in France (Paris, Marseilles and Bordeaux) and the future Wellio space in Milan.

In parallel, and in the same logic, Covivio has designed a mobile app with the start-up Facilioo to cover its residential units in Germany. This networking platform covers all issues associated with communication, maintenance, operations and management across the 42,000 housing units owned by the group. This application offers real-time tracking of exchanges, enabling Covivio to implement specific action plans tailored to the needs of its customers.

Towards a robust data architecture to support innovation and growth

By 2022 Covivio is set to roll out a data architecture model that will centralise all data collected using the new systems (apps, software, sensors, customer surveys, etc.). In particular, Covivio will install sensors in some 20 of its properties to provide more accurate measurement of energy use and have access to a data portal in real time, with the aim of optimising consumption and improving performance.

This data collection process will provide Covivio with a valuable source of KPIs for all of the group’s centres of expertise in order to enable even closer alignment of the company with its customers and their needs.

Europe: continued strengthening of synergies

As a player in the European market, Covivio intends to pool its IT resources in order to develop an integrated solution, strengthen synergies among its teams and standardise the processes and tools used by different countries. Covivio will roll out an ambitious strategy by 2022 to adopt best market practices in terms of tools and accelerate its capacity to embrace further innovation in a secure and flexible environment. Salesforce has already been chosen to support the digitalisation of customer relations and the development of Wellio in Europe.

In addition to tools, this digital transformation is also about changes to ways of working within the company and co-innovation. In late 2018, Covivio accordingly launched a collaborative innovation initiative known as “1001 ideas”, in which each employee had the opportunity to put forward ideas for the tomorrow’s business using a collaborative web platform, based on four themes: “Improving customer satisfaction”, “Europe: how can we work together better?”, “Quality of life at work”, and a very open theme “What else?”.

At the end of the two-month consultation involving nearly 500 employees, ideas were collected and analysed in order to assess how they might be implemented. To date, 50% of these have been rolled out or are undergoing development within the group.

“Customer services, smart buildings, using data to create value, innovation for and with our customers… Our ambition is to deliver a well thought out, long-term digital transformation and thereby boost the performance of our European business model. Convinced that this can only be done in close partnership with all internal and external stakeholders, change management will underpin the successful completion of this 3-year transformation process “, concluded Laurie Goudallier, Chief Digital Officer, Covivio.

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