Extra-financial rating: Covivio receives the best score (A1+) in Vigeo-Eiris’ Corporate Rating and is ranked 1st in its sector

Covivio has obtained the maximum score of A1+ for its ESG rating from Vigeo-Eiris. This assessment rewards Covivio’s commitments and recognises the effective way in which ESG (environmental, ethical, social and governance) factors are integrated into the group’s strategy, operations and risk management as well as the contribution of its products and activities to sustainable development. This is the best rating obtained by a company in the “Financial Services – Real Estate Europe” sector and the 7th in all sectors.

Vigeo-Eiris, a extra-financial rating agency, assesses and analyses the sustainability risks and performances of companies according to over 330 ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) indicators. These company-requested analyses focus on three complementary areas: the impact of a company’s products, services and behaviour on sustainability and its capacity to invest in order to prepare the future; the risks of affecting the strategic assets of the company (reputation, human capital cohesion, operational efficiency and legal security) and their identification, monitoring and attenuation system; the management of social responsibility factors (human rights, HR policy, environment, business ethics, governance, societal commitment).

A 360° sustainable development policy

Having obtained the best possible rating, A1+, with leadership status in its sector, Covivio capitalises on a sustainable development policy focusing on four areas: Sustainable Building, Societal, Social and Governance. Vigeo-Eiris highlighted the group’s advanced level in terms of its strategy to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, human resource management, and alignment of governance practices with the best international benchmarks.

For more information about the sustainable development strategy and the actions implemented by Covivio, please see our 2018 Annual Sustainable Performance Report.

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