Areas of Expertise

As a leading participant in the commercial real-estate sector, our identity is built on two fundamental values : a culture of partnership, with a European accent. Co-building, exchanging, gathering and growing together !

Covivio, a 360° vision of real estate

Our expertise extends along the entire value chain of a real-estate project: from design, through technical development, to asset and property management. Our capacity as a global operator enables us to design real estate projects from A to Z.

Today, the synergies among our business lines are ever stronger. Offices, hotels, residences… all share one goal: to express changing needs and desires through real estate. Our role is to understand, anticipate and satisfy all these needs in order to enrich the customer experience.

Covivio, 3 activities

Office properties, one pillar of our know-how

Office properties, one pillar of our know-how

As a partner in transforming businesses through real estate in France and Italy, Covivio holds over €10.6 billion in service industry assets. We guide our leasing partners,as they strive to increase performance and attractiveness, by designing adaptable projects with a focus on well-being and comfort, in addition to economic, ecological and social efficiency. Our flexible, connected and certified buildings, and our service-oriented approach, bear witness to our commitment to support new ways of working together.

Rethinking and renewing the hotel offering

With nearly 350 hotels among our assets, we are currently the leading partner for large European hotel groups. The hotel sector is constantly evolving. We are too. In order to support businesses in their leasing, construction, financing and development projects, Covivio is positioning itself at their side, in the most dynamic cities in Europe. By placing innovation and the search for new hospitality trends at the heart of our strategy, we are contributing to the renewal of the hotel offer and experience. Thus, Covivio is fully committed to giving users a one-of-a-kind offering : more connected, more alive.

A residential activity undergoing a profound transformation

A residential activity undergoing a profound transformation

Designing, managing and increasing the value of residences built forfamilies, couples, generations... in the most attractive cities in Germany. That’s what Covivio does every day. With over41,000 residences, most of which are located in Berlin, Covivio is positioning itself as one of threading participants in Germany’s residential market. This is atesting ground, where weimagine the lodging of tomorrow and where we have launched new activities such asco-living and the development of new residences. In city centres, in proximity toshops, employment and green spaces : this is where the residential real estate of today makes the most sense.

Interview of Sophie Gautier

Head of Asset Management Hotels

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Covivio, the partnership and European culture

100% partnership driven

100% partnership driven

Our partnership culture has prompted us constantly to develop new programmes with industry leaders across Europe. With our strong long term commitment, we also want to have longterm partners by our side. Our co-construction vision underpins our goal of seizing the best opportunities and offering our customers an ever richer experience.

Resolutely European

Our recent developments in Spain and the UK, our deep roots in Germany and Italy, and our historic presence in France are the result of our multifaceted and fundamentally European identify. Europe offers us the perfect platform forex pressing our expertise, and for seizing emerging uses.