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Imagine commercialreal estate whichturnsyour company into the preferred employer amongmillennials, service offering which will delight your staff, a next-generation hotel which challenges online rankings and alternative offerings, are silence which restores co-living and attracts new occupants. This is Covivio’s business: living properties which transform them selves to keep pace with challenges and desires.

From co-working to pro-working, say hello to Wellio


With Wellio, Covivio is expanding its offering and launching its brand of flex-spaces, a unique alliance between its areas of expertise: hotels and workplace environments. By relying on the feedback and needs expressed by users, Covivio choseto make Wellio the leading provider of pro-working spaces, open not only to major groups but also to small and mid-size companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

How? By keeping the best of what co-working has to offer, and designing a responsive offering conceived to constantly adapt itself to its customers’ needs, without skimping on the comfort ofitsspaces or the quality of its services. Located in all major European cities, Wellio will be offering over 70,000 m² of pro-working spaces by 2022.

Wellio - Quelle est la vision du coworking ?

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Co-living orco-renting, reinvented


For mobile professionals, students and short-term expatriates, co-living represents a new way of staying and living in cities. With a direct pulse onthe new expectationsof its customers, Covivio is now launching itsco-living businessin Berlin. The concept is simple: in a centralised and livelyneighbourhood, you rent a private room within a fully-equipped luxury apartment in which you share common spaces with other residents;not forgetting the other services at your disposal, such as Wi-Fi, concierge, laundry, etc.). 

Covivio’s goal: 3,000 co-living spaces in Berlin by 2022

Coliving : Berlin

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