Real estate ready to live in

Imagine commercial real estate which turns your company into the preferred employer among millennials, service offering which will delight your staff, a next-generation hotel which challenges online rankings and alternative offerings, are silence which restores co-living and attracts new occupants. This is Covivio’s business: living properties which transform themselves to keep pace with challenges and desires.

Wellio, a responsive work experience


A partner for company transformation, Covivio is expanding its range and launching a brand of flexible working spaces: Wellio. A unique combination of our experience in hotels and professional environments. These are living spaces as much as they are working areas. Spaces where you can meet communities of experts alike – or not, that share a same vision: working differently.

Wellio, is the cutting-edge pro-working brand in Europe. An European network in the image of the Covivio heritage, Wellio has already opened 5 sites, representing 12,000 m², and soon new sites in Paris, Lyon and Milan!

Co-living orco-renting, reinvented

Co-living orco-renting, reinvented

For mobile professionals, students and short-term expatriates, co-living represents a new way of staying and living in cities. With a direct pulse on the new expectations of its customers, Covivio is now launching its co-living business in Berlin. The concept is simple: in a centralised and lively neighbourhood, you rent a private room within a fully-equipped luxury apartment in which you share common spaces with other residents ; not forgetting the other services at your disposal, such as Wi-Fi, concierge, laundry, etc.

Digitising to expand the range of services we offer

Digitising the client journey is a key first step. We worked with the MonBuilding start-up to design an app that offers the occupants of our core buildings and Wellio sites simplified access to existing services (booking spaces, concierge services, marketplace, etc.) and an information space (news, useful documents, reporting and tracking of incidents), while stimulating communities creation. In Germany, we developed an app in the same spirit with the start-up Facilioo which can now be accessed by the occupants of our some 40,000 housing units.