Covivio and the jury of the Alexanderplatz architectural competition choose Sauerbruch Hutton to develop a 60,000 m² high-rise tower in the heart of Berlin



At the end of an architectural competition led by the City of Berlin and Covivio, the company has chosen the Sauerbruch Hutton agency as the architect for this major development in Alexanderplatz in the heart of Berlin. This iconic project, which will bring together different urban uses in a single development, will allow Covivio to provide the perfect demonstration of its expertise in managing mix-use projects in the most dynamic European cities.



As the owner of a large plot of building land in Alexanderplatz, including the Park Inn hotel, Covivio has developed a landmark project which will create an exciting destination in the heart of Berlin. The company will develop a mix-use high-rise building of 60,000 m² which will offer approximatively 26,700 m² of offices, 21,900 m² of retail space and 11,400 m² of residential accommodation. The project also includes spaces for coworking, coliving, a garden club with roof terrace, restaurants, eating areas and a large range of services focused on the wellbeing of clients (childcare facilities, fitness, etc.).

In line with the Covivio CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives, the project will also provide large outdoor and green spaces with a high level of connectivity and is planned to be LEED-building and Wiredscore certified.


“This project is representative of our strategy in Europe: conceiving and developing projects which combine different urban uses, creating strong links between different spaces and mobilizing our teams and expertise in Europe on innovative projects, in order to offer a new experience to our clients. For us, it’s one of the keys to creating long-term value for all our stakeholders”, said Christophe Kullmann, CEO of Covivio.


A new destination in Berlin, a project opened to the city

Berlin, where Covivio has been active since 2010, is a very dynamic market which is increasingly attractive for companies (vacancy rate <3%)[1], but also for tourists (the third most popular tourist city destination in Europe with 29 million hotel nights per year) and residents (+ 50,000 new residents per year). Based on these strong fundamentals, Covivio has decided to initiate this project and will itself manage some of the spaces, such as the coworking and coliving areas, and will also choose the best partners to manage the different services on offer.


“Ultimately, we will create a genuine vertical complex connected to the best infrastructure in the heart of the city. This building, which will become a new destination for the people of Berlin, reflects our views about the future urban life. For us, it means working, relaxing, living, shopping, eating and exercising in one place”, said Marcus Bartenstein, Head of Investment & Development Germany for Covivio.



A project designed by Sauerbruch Hutton

The project presented by Sauerbruch Hutton has been chosen at the conclusion of a competition organized by Covivio with the active participation and support of the City of Berlin.

The new skyscraper at Alexanderplatz will be instantly recognizable, because it will consist of two closely connected and elegant towers of stone and glass, and be an unmistakable presence on Alexanderstrasse. The plinth that surrounds building “completes” the space of Alexanderplatz. Its architecture is characterized by a stone framework of verticals and horizontals, which gives it a big-city appearance, working in concert with the neighbouring buildings”, underlined Matthias Sauerbruch, architect of the project.

Due to the prime location, the architectural ambition and the unique mix-use approach of the project, this operation will become a new landmark for the market and the skyline of Berlin.


The project will be developed through a dedicated joint venture owned (>50%) and managed by Covivio which will manage the project. In terms of schedule, the estimated completion of the operation is planned to be in 2023.


The jury thanks all the competitors, especially Diener & Diener Architects (Basel) and Jean-Paul Viguier & Associés (Paris), ranked respectively second and third in the competition.


Regula Lüscher, Senate Building Director on the project: “Alexanderplatz is not only one of the most frequented squares in Berlin, it’s also one of the most colorful and lively. This project fits perfectly into this colorful and vibrant environment due to its contemporary program and its mix of living and working, coliving and coworking. The award winning design establishes a diverse mix of uses in the hustle and bustle of the city center, while providing a green retreat on the roof of the plinth. The result is a piece of vertical city, a well-proportioned tower in an elegant dress. The Alexanderplatz not only gets a new skyscraper, but also another prominent address.”

Ephraim Gothe, City Council for Urban Development, Social Affairs and Health: “Living right on the Alexanderplatz! Hard to imagine until now, but it’s going to be reality with the design of Sauerbruch Hutton agency. The project is very relevant due to the striking double tower and the plinth offering apartments on 6 floors. Urbanity through a variety of uses is the concept: in addition to retail and offices, coliving and coworking, a garden club and a small kindergarten are provided. The ground floor use is particularly interesting. It will host, in addition to large retail areas, a bar, a restaurant, a cafe and a bookstore. The garden club, located on the top of the plinth, as in the courtyard the formation of a link between Alexanderplatz and Alexanderstrasse, are the green statement of the project. This brings a good microclimate and a pleasant environment which invite you to stay.





Credit: Sauerbruch Hutton / Luxigon





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