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Flexibility, digitalisation, services... If several trends had already appeared in recent years, we are experiencing a period of acceleration in the transformation of work spaces. As a European operator opened to changing demands, Covivio is capitalising on its customer culture to get its portfolio and its office offerings moving.

Ever more flexible and customised offices

Priority to flexibility

As new uses for workspaces emerge, being able to change one’s real estate is essential for our users. And having a partner capable of accompanying them through these changes is just as important. While connectivity, care and openness have become essential criteria for defining a pleasant and optimal working environment, it is the need for flexibility that is paramount for companies. Covivio works daily with its clients to study their locations, adapt their space within the framework of their contract, rethink their layouts or services… In France, Italy or Germany, our objective is to maximise the potential of our spaces to boost our clients’ potential in a logic of overall performance, both economic and collective.

A reinvented office destination

Companies today must recreate a collective and shared dynamic: it is no longer a question of being in the office as at home, but in the office with more than at home in order to attract people on site again. To do this, the office must assert its role as a social platform, prioritising collective, modular and reversible spaces, designed for meeting and exchanging. With projects such as So Pop in Paris and Vitae in Milan, Covivio is creating hybrid spaces that are open to the city, where you can move from a meeting room to an art exhibition, to a collaborative vegetable garden and then have a coffee on the rooftop.

Customer surveys, satisfaction studies and design thinking workshops allow Covivio to involve its customers in the design of spaces and services, while collecting their feedback and satisfaction levels.

Environmental performance and the role of plants

We share the same CSR ambitions as our clients. The environmental performance of offices is essential and non-negotiable: 91% of Covivio’s portfolio is certified, 100% of our developments have green spaces, we are aiming to reduce our CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 (vs. 2010)… All these concrete commitments can be seen in our buildings.

In Lyon, for example, Silex² is developing a strong green footprint with 1,700 m² of green terraces accessible on different floors. This programme is aiming for triple certification HQE Excellent, BREEAM Excellent and R2S, for its services platform, which is designed to provide the best level of performance in terms of connectivity, comfort, efficiency and safety for occupants.


Mixing commercial lease and flexible contract with "All in One"

In 2017, Covivio created Wellio, its flexible office or pro-working offer. Since then, 8 sites have opened in Europe in Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon and Milan, and Wellio hosts more than 1,000 pro-workers. Located in Covivio buildings in the heart of major cities, the Wellio sites are managed by the group’s teams. Designed as laboratories, they make it possible to test offers and formats that can then be deployed more widely across the portfolio.

In this logic of synergies, Covivio brings together its offers in traditional leases and flexible contracts to provide its customers with tailor-made solutions. Covivio is becoming the single point of contact for companies for their real estate strategy, offering advice, programming, design and management of spaces and services. An approach that saves time and generates overall savings.

Augmented user experience

For Covivio, offering a successful experience in an office building is the result of a clever mix of five levers: the customer journey, services, well-being, digital and permanent adaptation. Improving the office experience ranges from art in the heart of the building to digital technology and an approach to well-being that focuses on the quality of the space. Covivio’s objective is to make the office a desirable destination that is conducive to collective performance and capable of constant renewal.


Conceiving tailor-made services

Services deployed in buildings simplify the daily life of occupants and enhance their well-being and performance. When we design services for a building, we have two objectives: to imagine them taking into account the services already available in the area, and to design them with our client so that they meet the real needs of the teams.

And for this, there is nothing better than the Test & Learn mode, with Covivio testing certain offers on its own teams before proposing them to its customers. It’s also a way of extending our network of innovative partners, including Le BonBocal and Foorban, which are reinventing business catering, and Welcome@Work, which is transforming the reception and community management of buildings.

Digitalization and Smart building

At Covivio, digital technology is used to enhance the customer experience, which, in addition to life in the building, must be extended or prepared via digital technology. The group has designed an application for its main Covivio and Wellio buildings that provides occupants with simplified access to existing services (space reservation, concierge service, marketplace, etc.) and an information area (news, useful documents, incident reporting and monitoring). This App also allows for fine-tuned management and effective monitoring in order to adapt more accurately and quickly. Covivio’s IT teams also work with our customers to help them size their IT equipment or their own networks.