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CSR, at the heart of Covivio's business model

A European sustainable development strategy

The construction industry is undergoing multiple transitions: energy, carbon, environmental, digital, social, societal, and more. As a developer of responsible real estate and a more resilient and sustainable city, Covivio bases its success on a business model that combines high levels of ambition and achievement, both financially and non-financially. Its CSR strategy applies to all of its divisions (Offices, Hotels, Residential) in the various countries where Covivio operates.

These four focus areas have been developed into an operational action plan

A European CSR policy recognised by rating agencies and by investors

Covivio’s European sustainable development policy enjoys high ratings from non-financial ratings agencies and strong recognition from investors, as evidenced by the success of the Green Bond issuance in April 2016 and the one of September 2019.

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