Immerse yourself in the heart of L’Atelier

  • Architecture
  • Corporate & Real estate

April 08, 2024

Discover L'Atelier, our new European headquarters, with a book dedicated to this landmark project.

Covivio’s European headquarters, L’Atelier, is already making history in Paris. The project marks both the rebirth of a little-known industrial heritage, the capital’s former telephone exchanges, and the emergence of a new vision of the office as a destination.

Covivio and its partners have chosen to revisit the history of the building in a book that presents the extensive renovation work that has gone into creating this unique space that offers a new way of working.

With an architectural history of the site, interviews with the various people involved in the project and beautiful photographs of the building, you can immerse yourself in the heart of our new European headquarters.

Want to buy this book? Like all the books in this edition, L’Atelier is available in bookshops and thousands of sales outlets in France and abroad.