Stream Building, a building-manifesto for urban innovation

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May 31, 2023

In the heart of the new Clichy-Batignolles district, the Covivio – Hines France – PCA-STREAM team is delivering the Stream Building, a building that expresses its innovations after 15 years of Stream Lab research into the challenges of the city of tomorrow.

Designed according to circular logic to meet the challenges of the city of tomorrow, the Stream Building is a relational and productive hub that will energise this new centrality of Greater Paris by concentrating all the activities of an intense urban life.

Covivio is particularly proud of this emblematic project in the 17th arrondissement. Stream Building is an ambitious project that meets the real estate challenges of today and also anticipates the problems of tomorrow. Through its mixed use, its unique layout that can change over time and its strong environmental dimension, Stream Building is in line with Covivio’s vision of living real estate, a building where people meet throughout the day, to work, stay, eat, etc.! This project is also a successful partnership with an unprecedented group of players who have collectively developed a benchmark project for Greater Paris.

Christophe Kullmann


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